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March 13, 2023

Beta 0.11.7

Patch Note

Bug Fixes + QoL

update main image
  • Enable Tab History as an option (defaults to off)
  • Fix some more group handling issues
  • Fixed infinite mob waves, if a wave breaks it will only require 1 kill to complete
  • Can only post up to 5 links in a single message
  • Rewrote how food and ability cooldowns are handled internally, this should resolve problematic rotations and food cooldowns
  • Probably fixed group flashbang issues
  • Can soulbound up to +2
  • GK new drops
  • Mantle of Flame uses Phoenix's Feather for augging
  • Elder Ruins new drops
  • Skill books worth 500k gold, 25k heat
  • Elite scrolls can drop abilities rarely
  • Updated some of the helper functions that were causing issues due to some optimizations measures (fixes a few inventory issues, esp. in augmenting)
  • Implemented username change token, WIP start on bonds
  • temporary fix for safari in marketplace (until that UI component can be entirely rewritten)
  • More TH from dungeon/scroll difficulty
  • Fixed another instance of the utility breaking things, should fix inconsistent moving of items in inventory (i.e. trying to move 2+ items but only moving 1 of them, or similar)
  • Added another layer of auto-recovery for inventories janking up; it basically does a partial session refresh ONLY for your inventories to force resolve desync, if possible
  • Re-enabling player group combat bars (shows ability use + timers)