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September 20, 2023

Beta 0.15.0

Patch Note

Buy Orders / Action Queueing

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  • Crit works now btw, all crit gear is massively better than before because of a bug causing crit damage to not apply even when a crit was rolled.
  • Vastly improved the buy order UI to what it was supposed to launch with in the first place
  • Various Combat UI tweaks + fixes from Silent


  • A few bug fixes that snuck in with the emergency maintenance that launched 0.15.0 originally

Buy Orders

Buy Orders are now available! You can create a buy order by going to an item's marketplace page and clicking the "BUY ORDER" button in the top left to pull up the UI. You can then specify how many of that item you want, the most you're willing to spend per item, as well as specify a target augmentation level, enchantment, and enchantment strength. The order will attempt to buy every listing under your specified max price, starting from cheapest and oldest first.

User Defined Action Queues

You can now define a specific action queue pattern if you're an IS+ subscriber or purchase the relevant tokens. By default IS+ members can specify up to 3 different actions in a 3 hours pattern. An example could be mining for an hour, foraging for an hour, and then fishing for an hour before repeating, though the actions and their lengths are entirely up to you. It will be as if you had started this action yourself, so relevant loadouts will be loaded automatically. The queue will only check the defined pattern when an action is completed, so if you put a particularly long action in there, like a several minute long smithing action, it will not be cancelled or interrupted to force another action and it will simply move to the next defined action after completing the smithing one.

To do this, use the /useractionqueue command. Try /help useractionqueue to get the options! We will add a UI for it eventually!

You cannot be in a group when using the action queue, though mercenaries will still function like normal.

UI Things

  • Improved Combat UI styling scaling from Silent
  • Formatting /selljunk output
  • Top Icons moved to Top 3

Technical Things

  • Massively improved base item detection for augmenting/crafting, it should not properly use base items as long as they have not been customized by the player
  • Refactored the Runecrafting backend module to make it a lot easier to work with and resolve some bugs
  • Initial support for time based shop purchases (i.e. can only buy X item every Y days). The general idea is to add some wanted items in small quantities to the shop as a potential gold sink. We are vehemently opposed to dailies so this system will probably be fleshed out to be more along the lines of every week you gain X available items to buy, or something to complete (like a weekly quest), stacking up to a month or some other amount large of time to avoid any dailyscape.
  • More support for personal profile customization in backend (hiscore showcase, item showcase, title showcase); no real frontend support for it yet
  • Fixed the previous fix for wealthing things while cooking. Why are you wealthing things while cooking???
  • Adjusted reconnecting behavior; sessions will be able to pre-emptively tell if a reconnect will fail due to process mismatches and will move to fallback behavior without the built in delay. This should make reconnecting faster and more consistent (less reloading the page) when a session is rebuilt from memory.
  • Session persistent lootlog / item tracking has been implemented in the backend, superceding the existing session stat system. More support will be added to it soon^tm when it is able to replace the session stats system

There was a change to /fixinv to have it replace legacy items in stockpile with fresh copies, but that has since been determined to be a bad solve and will not be in live. Legacy collectors, rejoice!

Pre-Season Fun

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  • Fixed buy max setting value to 0
  • Fix a backend crash
  • Can update marketplace listing without the same item in inventory


  • Fixed loot table overhaul causing some strange behavior, esp. with mining tables (i.e. only 1 ore type dropping)
  • Fix crash when closing whispers
  • Fix sharing items from equipment page
  • Fix crash when attempting to share a listing when not in the default trade channel
  • Fix open in marketplace not working
  • Fix some bracket errors
  • Fixed tab filter buttons not applying to only show specific selected tabs
  • More misc backend things


  • Fix a few client crashes
  • Update /rules to go to official rules page instead of wiki
  • New ancient air talisman asset from Silent
  • Fix a few UI functionality regressions
  • Added some handling for chat channel crashes
  • Fix deleting characters with duplicate names crashing processes
  • Rewrote how global buffs rules work- this fixes platinum buffs not working on season 0; buffs that were intended for season 0 will be manually extended to compensate

Seasons are here

Season 0, AKA "The Pre-Season", will be starting when this update goes live, it features heavily accelerated progression and a leaderboard. It will run for roughly 3 weeks or until Season 1 begins. Hope you're ready to min/max early and mid-game again, glhf!! Seasons will have their own unique rules, buffs, and starting equipment. Later on they may even feature unique mechanics, like Affixes! Currently, Season 0 features some global buffs, starting gear, a leaderboard, and a separate marketplace. When the season ends your seasonal character will be locked in; I will give out medals to those who manage to get into the top 3 normal and mastery total levels and all players will receive event tokens based on their participation in the season! In the future this will be extended to icons, titles, and cosmetics. Season 0 will specifically feature strength 20 Haste (80% reduction in action time), strength 20 Intuition (double xp), strength 11 Treasure Hunter (+33% drop chance), and strength 5 enlightnment (+5 essence), as well as 10k starting gold and heat, bronze daggers, a flimsy longbow, a driftwood staff, a bronze pickaxe, a bronze hatchet, and a novice tacklebox.

To create a seasonal character simply create a new character and select the Pre-Season as the gamemode. This character will NOT contribute to your max character or active character count, so it is essentially a free slot specifically for a seasonal character for as long as the season runs.

Wrath and War

This weapon needed some love so I added two new unique abilities to it; Wrath, which deals up to double damage based on your missing health, and War, which grants your team a short-lived enrage buff. Yes, the same enrage buff that makes enemies super strong over time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed gold being augmented sometimes
  • An absolutely massive amount of fixes and rewrites for the UI across the game. When in doubt, Ice probably fixed or rewrote it!
  • Fixed /profile cosmetics not actually saving the item

UI Things from Ice!

  • Pings got reworked and should work more as expected now

    • New whisper channels trigger a ping (unless you have them deactivated)
    • Group invites trigger a ping (unless you have them deactivated)
  • Chat links reworked

    • Loadouts can now be shared. Loadouts store slightly less info, so some minor numbers might be missing in the chat link (e.g. soulbound XP) compared to shared equipment
    • New equipment and loadout links now include the ability rotation
  • Your chat input is now stored even if the input field isn't rendered anymore. This means that you can switch away from the chat on mobile, without your input getting cleared.

  • Sidebar has a (hidden) entry point for script authors to inject their own buttons

  • Sidebar skills expose the player levels and experience


  • Ctrl+Click on a skill didn't share the skill
  • You can now soulbind legendary tools at any level. (You could do it before, the button just wasn't there.) They will still lose all their augment levels!
  • Fixed mods getting pings from the INFO tip that tells you not to ping mods. (This one is hilarious)
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in HeckYea's (Heck_Yeah? HäkYeeeha?) name
  • Chat rooms no longer switch to the bottom, when you go to the activity tab

Technical Things

Almost this entire update was on the technical side. It included a lot of retooling of how we handle game data tables (items, loot tables, etc.) as well as rewriting a bunch of legacy UI components. If everything went well you should only notice some basic improvements to gameplay functionality with faster more comprehensive fixes and features coming soon^tm in the changed setups.

What's Next

We will continue to overhaul things at a technical level, but our primary design/gameplay focus coming up next will be Season 1 and its unique mechanics. Currently the plan is to implement an Affixes system as well as look into how the food combat inventory functions and whether we want to change it.

Have fun with Season 0!

Anyone else up in the stars this week?

update main image
This update almost entirely brought to you by the Community Contributors and a few player volunteers!

Platinum Shop

Forgotten Platebody cosmetic added to Platinum Shop


Production and Combat Guides added

UI Tweaks + Fixes

  • Replaced tab history with pinned tabs
  • Reduced space used by first farming category
  • Chat channel moderators can delete/restore messages in their channels
  • Can once again click on the health icon when in combat to open combat
  • Fixed cancel button of delete message of messages not working
  • Fixed centering of equipment items
  • Added sidebar anchor for userscript injections
  • Added option to ignore tools in loadouts

Bug Fixes / Backend Stuff

  • Fixed items that could transform into more than 1 item only rolling the first option available
  • Tweaked some chat link handling
  • Equipping food from loadout is now aware of how much the stockpile has left so it won't try to load empty items, mostly a backend fix
  • Adjusted the obsidian drops for relevant elites, more variety less scimitars!

Fixes, Polish, UI

update main image


  • Top 20 Shrine Icons
  • Icon CSS adjusted + shown in chat icon selection panel
  • Fixed augment glow offset (pls don't break somewhere else)
  • Fix locations not properly dropping the 'Ghost Shroom' item when intended
  • Fix marketplace enchantment search crash
  • Removed outdated node penalty info
  • League specific chats are not accessible by characters outside of that league (not retroactive)
  • Fix a tab validation issue


Adjustments to inventory tabbing; global rules are the only rules because non-global are buggy and just not worth it

Inventory Tabs

  • Added new global rules to allow you to change the default tab for an item
  • Changed inventory tab saving behavior so to reduce bugs
  • Properly delete the selected tab when setting to 0
  • Added /collapse command that can be used to quickly collapse existing tabs
  • Added retroactive validation to non-tabbed inventories to make sure items in there aren't tabbed (ammo / tacklebox / augmentation queue)

Nav Drawer Rewrite

This rewrite, by Boohi and IceFreez3r, modernizes a lot of the heavily outdated and legacy components that made of the nav drawer. This means the left-side bar interface is much better, including improvements to the loot log and UI customization like pinning the drawer or slimming it. There's some new info tooltips for some skills, with Feylos having written the guides!

Hiscore Icons

Immediately on session start and then every hour afterwards the hiscores are checked and the top 20 players of each category (each skill, normal and mastery levels) are given unique icons. As long as you hold a top 20 spot you will retain that icon, but if you fall out of the top 20 it will be taken from you! We intend to expand this out to more achievements, such as dungeon clears, later on.


  • Removed weapon and offhand item tags. Search function allows equip slots (weapon/shield)
  • Removed crafting tag from craftable items
  • Exposed craftable attribute to client
  • 'craftable' as new search term for these
  • Chat linked skill UI tweaks
  • Loadouts show their augs/enchants on items
  • Update UI status bar filters out the hyperlink stuff
  • NGIM max level calc in UI ignores gathering skills


  • Fixed opening two tabs in plat shop
  • A ton of misc UI fixes
  • Fixed magic -> elven quiver transform not applying the higher level quiver enchantment
  • Fixed defensive crit calculations
  • Fixed edge cases in fishing that cause it to break
  • Offline progress time updates after the popup is sent to fix the sub second offline timer
  • Fix Castle Door rendering in combat
  • Fixed error case when deleted a character that shares the name of another deleted character

Shrine Changes

  • Removed Gathering and Superheating from shrine buffs
  • Added empowered prospector + gathering, archaeology, loot goblin, master chef, pure metals, researchers/adventurers/gatherers boon, resistance to shrine possible enchantments

Profile Tweaks

You can now do some basic profile customization for your /whois page. These are accessible through the /profile command; you can do /profile cosmetics to save your currently equipped items and cosmetics as your default inspection character as well as /profile icons add/wipe to add your currently selected chat icon as a highlighted icon to be displayed on your profile.

New Profile Icon Buyables

You can now purchase a new selection of profile icons for platinum that can be used like a standard chat icon- either in chat or on display on your /whois page.

Inventory Tabs and More

update main image

Inventory Tabs

Inventory Tabs are now available to help you organize your stockpile and vault. By default you will get 1 additional tab in both for a total of 4 tabs (default stockpile, tab 1 stockpile, default vault, tab 1 vault), but you can purchase Inventory Tab Tokens for 600 platinum that give an additional vault and stockpile tab. This includes an overall rewrite of the primary inventory UI, so it comes with some fun new features like quick filter buttons. I (Nick) set this up, so I will definitely need feedback on the UI/UX side of things, especially in the mobile realm. Currently this replacement UI only affect the vault/stockpile components.

Offline Progress

I believe we've finally narrowed down the issue with offline progress seemingly being stuck; the actual data we send to client is only generated on your initial session start. Since new functionality has been added to reconnect you to a previous session this data may not be updated until the server itself restarts and forces your session to shutdown. It should now be fixed since it properly fetches the updated progress data!

Character Deletion

We've added the ability for users to delete their own characters to free up slots/usernames

Return of Persistent Stat Tracking

Pre-refactor players may remember when we used to release various tracked global stats, like dungeon runs or augmentation stats, and they are finally back in the game after a very long hiatus! This first iteration in post-refactor is mostly to test the waters and ensure that there's no major changes that need to happen before we can start tracking even more stats than before.

Uncategorized Fixes

  • Some Combat Avatar elements should render properly, such as the fite gloves (MDG, Khaast), one handed gauntlets (AWS), or custom gloves (avenger gauntlets).
  • Combat emits now have a lot more information attached, mostly to aid with scripts
  • @mods is back with a popup warning to not abuse it
  • Channel list icons replaced with svg's
  • INFO messages no longer increase unread message counter
  • Pings from tags
  • Favicon never resetting to default when pinged
  • Fix some recursion issues when restarting sessions, should fix some infinite loading sequences
  • Gathering dungeon keys sometimes using the wrong skills for aug bonuses have been fixed.
  • Dael has written us a much, much better data compiler so that we can avoid any incorrect ID matches when manually setting them, when we get around to fully adopting it, that is!

As always please give a ton of thanks to our blue names as they've helped development immensely with Chikenz, Kugan, and Dael helping with new and fancy technical mathy things on the backend and Ice rewriting our super janky legacy components in the frontend! They're the best!

In others news I am planning on adding a few new things to the Platinum shop, specifically some new player commissioned cosmetics, some purchasable icons, and once the /whois profile components are rewritten more options (both paid AND free) to setup your own custom profile! This will be the immediate next step that should have some parts ready to release next week, with the next big update being designed now being the Seasons update.

DPS Check!

update main image


  • Fix some new issues related to claiming accounts
  • Fixed some platshop issues
  • new feedback form from Ice
  • Fix adventurer's boon incorrectly increasing time to get the next shard
  • fix elven logistics image
  • fix crafting multiplier for charms
  • fix dwarven manufacturing / elven logistics applying to smithing

New DPS Checking Tool

You can now fight against a DPS dummy in a special location to check your DPS using certain setups. It awards no XP or essence and it is modifiable with an ingame command. This feature will receive more features as requests are made for specific things! The max group size here is 5, so you can test your mercs or your group DPS here!

Ancient Barrows / Cursed Spade Tweaks

  • Significantly reduced ichor costs for crafting (3k -> 300) and augmenting (300 -> 30)
  • Added new key piece, cursed spade head, that demons, mages, and undead drop

Plat Buff Buff

That's not a typo! We're introducing a change to the buyable plat buffs; if the buff goes longer than 24 hours it gets boosted to strength 3 and if it goes longer than a week it gets boosted to strength 4. These boosted strengths last until the buff fully expires, so once you get over a breakpoint it's boosted for the entire remaining duration!

Unorganized Misc. Fixes / Balancing

  • Changes to how combat splotches are handled to help power some userscripts
  • Tweaks + fixes to platinum shop purchases
  • Rewrite of the stat tracking functions + last logged in check
  • Fix chest contents by reference error
  • Various fixes to last update's mobile UI
  • Ice rewrote the enchanting frontend in a bout of passion
  • Embers enchant applies to logs that can roll ranges, but ignores gathering bonus logs
  • Ammo recipes for magic/range adjusted
  • Ammo preserving enchantments now follow a linear formula
  • Redistributed fibers in fishing zones to avoid fiber bottlenecks
  • Updated descriptions of prolonging, endless ammo, rune reserve, and quiver enchantments with "maximum verbosity"
  • Dwarven forge intensity increases should not reduce bar speed as much + gives better xp and refining loot
  • SB items in free slots are not longer penalized by the non-free slots (more xp to jewelry, etc.)
  • Adjusted chisel aug ratios
  • Fixed claiming accounts not saving that they are claimed
  • Essence Concentration slate cost should be represented in UI correctly
  • Food loadout matching should correctly remove mismatched foods before trying to add more food in
  • Reduced padding on buff description headings
  • Show some punishment lengths in notifications
  • Fixed wrong buff strength on sell page
  • Grovekeeper and Ancient Runic Chisel have forced 100% augment chances

The Big Update^tm

update main image


  • Fixed dangerous encounters getting overridden incorrectly and never being spawned
  • Added missing item properties to linked chat item
  • improved stat tracking + stat tracking UI
  • improved tooltip UI
  • Tweaks to session starting that should make it more consistently successful
  • Smarter food loadout refilling
  • Lots of mobile UI improvements from Silent1-
  • Enchanting
  • Scrollcrafting
  • Runecrafting
  • Cooking
  • Crafting
  • Farming
  • Tooltip
  • Gathering Zone boxes
  • Shrine
  • Combat UI


  • Basic rewrite of session stats UI, minor improvements to status bar, resolve potential edge case where adventurer's boon may not be rolled if you only barely qualify for a shard
  • Added "Ignore Dungeon Update Safety" option to allow yourself to run dungeon / your dungeon queue to continue even if there is an update soon; if you enable this and you fail a run during an update, you will NOT receive a refund on the key barring extenuating circumstances on our end.
  • Slightly changed how we replace saved session sockets; should fix the last logged in check (at least it did locally!)
  • Fixed some logging + backend stuff that should resolve the 'random' desync issues. There may still be logic / code issues that lead to desync, but those are far easier to track and squash.


  • Fixed when canceling disenchanting/unbinding the dialog doesn't reset
  • Display forced enchants on Crafting
  • Fixed UI issue for inventory in one-column view
  • Re-enabled online stattracking and added the /clearstats command. Hopefully it doesn't LAAAGGGGGG
  • Added notifications for talisman unlocked + essence gain
  • DOUBLED crafting req for parrying gauntlets, added defender items as required for master parrying gauntlet (2 different recipes for each piece)
  • Legendary Chisel correctly has 8 enchantment slots
  • Adjusted city waves that could have more active mobs than needed to move to next wave
  • Fixed issues when disenchanting, both by disenchanting an item specifically or attempting to re-enchant it
  • Added Supercooling and Dwarven Engineering scrolls
  • Chisels properly tradeable w/ assigned rarities
  • Can apply soul wisdom to chisels
  • High Performance mode skips the inventory item animations (red/green glows)
  • Rewrote the loggedOut check since it relied on temp code that may no longer be used, should resolve the weird last logged in times

Bringing combat to non-combat since 2021! ... but also non-combat to combat?

Group Changes

  • Groups will now reconstruct + continue the action after a server restart/update
  • Groups that are NOT in an action will not be reconstructed
  • Party members will not be pulled into the group until the leader's session starts (should happen automatically on restart); if a party member starts another action before that happens then the group reconstruct will be cancelled.

Item Changes

New Items

  • Camo Cape - Calming Aura enchanted by default
  • Flamboyant Cape - Danger Zone enchanted by default
  • Small/Medium/Large Bag of Holding - Bag of Holding enchanted by default, every 10 augs upgrades the bag up to its next tier
  • Newbie/Dwarven Adventurer's Bag - Adventurer's Boon enchanted by default
  • Cloak of Many Pockets / the Void
  • Dwarven Manufacturing Pendant
  • Elven Logistics Pendant
  • Legendary Tongs - Dwarven Tongs
  • Legendary Hoe - Elvish Hoe
  • Legendary Ladle - Golden Spoon
  • New Runecrafting tools, Chisels, 3 base tiers + 1 legendary
  • Farming, Smithing, Cooking, and Runecrafting Shards
  • Dwarven Research Key (dungeon key)
  • Heart of the Oak (dungeon key)
  • Abandoned Academy Scroll (dungeon key)
  • Core Fragment, key piece
  • Core Ingot, key piece
  • Ancient Cloth Fragment, key piece
  • Ancient Oak Seed, key piece
  • Void Portal Anchor, legendary gear crafting mat
  • Defunct Golem Core, legendary gear crafting mat
  • Three tiers of craftable parrying gauntlets for Melee

Existing Items

  • Gargoyle gear (including bkgh/bkth) is now tier 6 across the board, comparable to Elven
  • Ladles have been given a tool slot instead of being held in your main hand, if you have one equipped when update goes live it will be unequipped.
  • Greater Imbued Charms combat essence recipe correctly gives more charms compared to other recipe

Enchantment Changes

New Enchantments

  • Engraving: Chance to not consume rune slates while Runecrafting
  • Dwarven Manufacturing: Increases production speed by 20% and material cost by 25%
  • Elven Logistics: Decreases production speed by 25% and material cost by 25%
  • Dwarven Engineering: Gives a chance to massively boost amount gathered in an action
  • Supercooling: Increases chance to mine an item based on its heat cost, favoring low heat items. Has a chance to consume water runes.
  • Bag of Holding: Gives a chance to force the max quantity of a resource while gathering
  • Adventurer's Boon: Gives a chance to produce an additional skilling shard
  • Gatherer's Boon: Increases minimum and maximum gathering ranges by a %
  • Researcher's Boon: Increases shard generation rate by a %
  • Empowered Haste: Separate haste roll that stacks with haste
  • Calming Aura: Halves chance to roll a dangerous encounter while gathering
  • Danger Zone: Doubles chance to roll a dangerous encounter while gathering
  • Resistance: Protection, but for Resistance (+10 resistance per enchantment strength)

Existing Enchantments

  • All Farming related enchantments have been buffed by roughly 2x
  • Essence Concentration: Does not consume as much essence
  • Superheating: Increases chance to gather high heat items, has chance to consume fire runes.
  • Prospector: Massively buffed with enhanced tables.
  • Empowered Superheating: Now Empowered Prospecting
  • Refining: Massively buffed with enhanced tables.

Farming Overhaul

Thanks Ice!

  • New mobile compatible UI
  • Farming Enchantment strengths roughly doubled
  • Place multiple seeds at once by dragging
  • Select multiple plants to change the settings for all of them
  • Mystseeds no longer have a fixed size. Instead you can determine the size while planting, with each tile using one seed. Larger seeds give better loot, but worse XP.
  • The stack size of existing seeds will be adjusted: e. g. a 3x4 seed will be converted to 12.
  • The farming info text was removed. It will come back with some future changes.

New Solo Gathering Dungeons

Sourced from Non-Combat

  • Dwarven Research Station - Sourced from Fishing
  • Nature Atheneum - Sourced from Foraging
  • Abandoned Academy Base - Sourced from Mining
  • As gathering dungeons these encounters benefit heavily from your gathering equipment + enchantments
  • Each dungeon has its own unique boss fight
  • The primary loot of these dungeons are lots of gathering/processing mats related to that dungeon, i.e. dwarven dungeon rewards a ton of fibers and sunken treasures

Dungeon / Key Changes

  • There is now an automatic requeue option so you can easily run dungeons/keys idly.
  • Block running of dungeons within 20 minutes of an update to avoid potential issues
  • Key costs increase by 5% per aug after at +5; testing this out and it may eventually see some new mechanics like making a dungeon become a variant

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Loot announcements are condensed into a single message per player
  • Partial Map price reduced to 150k from 1.5m
  • Mercenaries no longer have the 10% skill and gear stat malus
  • Lots of mathed out drop changes to more loot tables than I can count
  • Update announcements now show in the buff bar with a timer
  • Combat Inventories refill every 50 waves, not just when difficulty increases
  • Fixed when rotations would randomly reset to just the melee auto-attack without an accompanying error

New Command

  • Added the /reloadui (aliases: /ui, /reload) that only resyncs your client state to the server's state. This does NOT reconstruct anything and will not interrupt gameplay. This should be used prior to /clearqueue or /refresh.

Technical Changes

  • Rewriting of various module functions to be a lot more consistent during potential error cases, i.e. server lag. This should result in less desync in some situations.
  • Sessions will no longer be randomly destroyed / reconstructed on another shard; you will be reconnected to your existing session. This will preserve some of the game/player states that are stored solely in memory, such as mercenary status or how some module instances are handled. This will immensely improve quality of play for players who swap devices frequently or have spotty internet connections!

There are an almost innumerable number of minor fixes + QoL throughout the entire game. Seriously, there were like 200+ git commits done for this update. That's a lot.

Small Update Before The Big One

update main image

This is a small update of what we've had ready for live and includes some technical changes to how some chat messages are handled as well as improvements to various mod tools.

The major change for this week is that playtest will go live to hopefully get the next big update ironed out for next week! See the discord for more details!

Bug Removal Service

update main image

Once the server stops burning we will be focusing heavily on the next big update since it includes a fair amount of content, the systems that power that content, as well as many various technical improvements across the entire codebase.


  • Adjusted the leniency of the inventory interactions to handle errors, should allow stack size to increase even if there was a hiccup
  • Minor cleanup/refactoring for technical improvements, ported in from the next big work in progress update


  • Lots of handling (notifications for clients) when a transaction has issues, at the module level
  • Adjusted how auto-recovery happens so it doesn't immediately do it on first error
  • Handled for negative stack-sized item
  • UI fixes for various item + loadout issues
  • Fixed cooking pot reconstruction using some random dude's inventory lmao

You can login with either your account name or your verified email now.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that led to accounts being unable to be claimed by email properly
  • Abilities can no longer be learned in combat to keep player rotations from resetting when updating known/learned abilities
  • Fixed a transaction failed error when attempting to sell junk when none are present in inventory
  • Cooking pot is now reconstructed from database when it errors out so it should no longer be stuck until a /refresh
  • Players can no longer join a party that is busy
  • Commands can no longer be sent in group chat to reduce problems related to issuing commands
  • Shrine high score table has had some of its old UI undeleted
  • Keys/Scrolls that are selected in the combat UI then removed from stockpile will be unselected in the combat UI
  • Marketplace history date now has some spacing to keep it from becoming illegible in some cases
  • Fixed the nimble description
  • Fixed enchantments that are supposed to take from ammo pouch not doing it
  • Scholar description updated to reflect the item destruction
  • Prevent multiple invites from the same player
  • Fixed some combat fields not being reset on death in some cases
  • Fixed being able to send marketplace listings into non-trade or non-custom channels
  • INFO should now only post to general + league general and help channels
  • Mastery announcements should now be functional
  • Single size fish recipes should now properly give burnt fish and fish oil

Quality of Life

  • Fishing Node UI text legibility increased
  • Equipment can now be searched for by their slot
  • Marketplace prices have been monospaced to make it easier to read and compare
  • Can now clear loadout selection in the combat UI
  • Learn Ability option is disabled if the player has already learned it
  • Cooking UI now displays both the chance to burn and the actual recipe difficulty


  • Soulbound XP rate for accessories increased by ~30%
  • Yew Recurve Bow crafting level increased from 27 to 29 because its required ammo is a level 28 craft
  • When a snowball chat text says the player has caught it a snowball is now added to their inventory

What's happening next

The content and UI overhauls are still in progress and will be entering the testing stage soon! Keep an eye out for teasers posted in the #dev-blog channel.


update main image

UI Change

  • If an item's stack size is 1, stack size value is not shown

Rename Token Change

  • Renamed items become untradeable. Currently this is an irreversible process and applies only to newly renamed items.


  • Reenabled some recovery settings that will refresh inventories that error without needing to input the command or reload the page. This won't resolve errors that cannot be resolved by a /refresh and in some cases the full /refresh will be necessary to resolve some errors that aren't covered by the auto-refresh.

What we're working on

  • Work is still heavily underway on the big balance + content pass for non-combat related things. Keep an eye on the #dev-blog channel in discord for more specifics not mentioned here!
  • Currently we are working on adding 3 new dungeons from the gathering/production skills as well as half a dozen legendaries with roughly two dozen new equipment pieces / items in general for all equipment slots, including some new ones. It's a lot of content!

New Cosmetics, Slight Rebalancing, and Technical Changes

update main image

Balance Changes

  • No more search penalty when switching nodes. Instead, the first node will always be the standard non-specialized node.

New Cosmetics

  • The 'Gift of the Lightning King' and 'Fresh Off the Island' cosmetics are now available for purchase at 3500 and 800 platinum, respectively. The first overrides your base skin layer, the latter gives your character a beard and eyebrows.

New Token

  • You can now purchase Item Rename Tokens for 300 platinum.

Technical Stuff

  • Some significant changes to how we handle some inventory transactions. This should make it more robust at handling edge error cases that cause desyncs as well as give us a lot more information regarding what may have caused that error.
  • Adjustments to canceling actions in progress to reduce potential error cases if resources are being accessed in multiple modules at once


  • Fixed the message when being invited to someone's group
  • Adjusted rarity of combat unique item shards

Small Update 2, Electric Boogaloo

update main image


Thanks, Dael!

  • Added Min/Max Hit Multiplier to weapons that have them (some 2h weapons)
  • Improved loadout handling, especially in combat

Known Issues / What's Going On

We initially posted this in the dev-blog channel on discord, but here it is in case you missed it: Hello everyone! This is a quick pre-update blogpost to give y'all some insight into what's happening.

First off: We're aware that there are desync issues that uncommonly occur regarding items in various inventories or the action queue. Generally if the desync begins, it continues to break things until it is fixed. There are 5 main steps you should take to resolve these when it occurs-

  1. Run the command /fixinv this transfers duplicate stacks of items to restack them. Generally this means moving ghost items from your stockpile to your vault.
  2. Refresh (or full refresh, Ctrl+f5 in PC v just f5) your page. If the item is only visually there or is just bugged in UI this will resolve it.
  3. /refresh will completely refresh your backend session and rebuild it. This catches and resolves desyncs between memory and the database.
  4. /clearqueue force clears your current action and kicks you out from it. This will force cancel any keys/scrolls you're doing and clearing your queue while doing a key/scroll is non refundable.
  5. Completely reset your group. This should generally be done anytime you attempt any of the above. To do this simply leave your current group and start any action to recreate it.

There are a few bugs that we need reliable reproduction steps for:

  1. Doing one action and then randomly swapping to another one
  2. Getting a merc while in a few group, or getting too many mercs

The big content update that I mentioned earlier (non-combat content and balance pass) is still underway as well as the UI overhauls that Boohi showed a little of above this post.

What we're working on right now is getting our test server spinned up to specifically look into desync issues that so far have simply refused to be reproducible. We have a few ideas about what could be causing it as well as changes we can make to improve the robustness of the server in general which will reduce the more apparently random issues. If these general improvements don't prove to fix the issue entirely we've got some more technical changes that are currently being planned that ought to fix it, but these are very in-depth and complex changes that I can't readily put a timetable on yet.

Small Update, Back On Schedule

update main image

This is a small update to get us back on the Tuesday schedule.

UI Fixes

  • Fixed double line on enchanting skilling books for Legacy Tooltips
  • Fix crash when selecting "Open Marketplace Listings"

Combat Fixes

  • Fixed monsters not using their rotations properly because of overlap from priority rotation changes
  • Fixed Sylvan Staff not announcing

What's coming

  • We're (mostly Ice) in the process of rewriting the Farming UI / backend. It's a night and day difference and 100% worth the time and effort being put into it. Again, thanks Ice!
  • Continued work is happening behind the scenes for the next planned content expansion / balance pass. There's a lot in it and it'll definitely flesh out parts of the game that may seem a little bare at the moment. Yes, it's for more than Combat!

UI, Balance, Bugs

update main image

UI Related

(Thanks, Ice!)

  • Platinum to increase icon UI fixed / refined
  • Fix close button behind preview in plat shop
  • Fixed market showing server time instead of local time
  • Fix buff stack rounding issues
  • Add UI hint when monsters still have more loot to unlock
  • Adjusted merc health appearance to be more readable
  • Fix 'ghost items' in bestiary loot entries
  • Remember scrolling position on marketplace overview when viewing an item
  • Personal leaderboard fixes
  • Dropdowns for combat zones

Balance Related

  • Most melee 2h weapons now have increased hit multipliers that will generally increase their effectiveness quite a bit.
  • Shapeless Cleave buffed
  • Living forest drops less apples and more bananas
  • Fixed inversion of AOE damage

Technical Stuff

  • We're still in the process of doing a lot of clean up of the backend, but there should already be some noticeable changes to the player experience because of them, such as improved error handling for inventories that should help reduce the number of inventory transaction errors.
  • There may be bugs inadvertantly introduced due to the cleanup but the cleaning should result in far quicker fixing.

Less Bugs, More Polish

update main image

UI go brr

  • You can now drag and drop ability images to set your rotation!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed /selljunk sometimes erroring out
  • Fixed ability rotation sometimes not respecting max ability count
  • Fixed ability rotation sometimes being able to get changed mid combat
  • Fixed instances where Wealth procs would not give you the full gold reward
  • Fixed legacy food tooltips
  • Fixed some misc update listing bugs
  • Fixed trying to use 0.5 fertilizer bug
  • Fixed Password Recovery process

Misc. Improvements

  • More info for banned/muted players to know when the punishment is over
  • Show personal leaderboard placement
  • Improvements to threat calculations, added option to target based on lowest HP percent
  • A fun easter egg for collectors of a specific item
  • Some automated tasks that should hopefully reduce typos I (Nick) sometimes make
  • Various UI improvements

Balance Changes

  • Reduced soulbound xp gain by ~33%
  • Super duper mathed out Combat drops from chikenz! (ty chikenz)
  • Reworked crafting material costs for dungeon keys, also based on SUPER MATH
  • Heal/damage over times casted without enough ammo have heavily reduced efficacy (half healing, half dot counts, twice as long between events); bandage friendly now requires 1 nature rune

What's happening next patch?

We're working on some technical cleanup to try and resolve some underlying issues that have cropped up every once and a while (desync primarily). With our fantastic new blue names this will hopefully go well!

Bugs + QoL

update main image


  • Disenchant and Unsoulbind have been separated into two separate buttons. When you disenchant it also attempts to salvage materials as normal based on the scrolls that make up the enchant, if it exists. When you unsoulbind it will remove all item levels and experience as well as reset the augmentation level to 0.
  • The auto-rotation setting defaults to off and a new button has been added to the UI in case you want to test to see the auto-sort setup without having to use the setting.
  • New setting that checks to make sure mercenaries have access to all their gear and food intended and if not canceling starting combat.
  • Added total healing for food on modern tooltips setting
  • Implemented 'Dungeon Misclick Safety' Setting, it defaults to false. If it's on then when you attempt to start any action from client while running a dungeon/scroll it will block the attempt and send a popup.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed merc check spam
  • Fixed some deleted message bugs
  • Fixed buying the wrong listing
  • Fixed/improved various UI bugs for marketplace things
  • Fixed an inconsistency with ability displays that lead to the wrong abilities appearing in UI even when backend was casting the correct ones
  • Update listing should send the full item back to inventory instead of just base item by ID
  • Fixed taxing enchant
  • Fixed retreating shot having twice the effect it should, leading to some weird targeting behavior since it could drop your threat to 0


update main image


  • Format marketplace sell item stackSize
  • Fixed mercs using whetstones
  • Global buffs should properly appear on client now
  • Global buffs should properly apply
  • Fixed auto-attack replacing behavior
  • Fixed very forgetful characters losing track of their ability rotations
  • Fixed tooltips to include 2h weapons counting twice for sets


  • Fixed dungeons/scrolls breaking
  • Mostly backend fixes/cleanup

There's a lot in this patch, I may have missed something compiling these changelogs. Feel free to shoot us a question for clarifications or explore in-game for answers!

Mercenaries Are In!

  • Mercenaries are a new system where you can hire an NPC to use your equipment and stats to aid you in combat instead of having to always group with another player. This is intended as a convenience system for people who don't want to participate in the ever dreaded ActiveScape^tm.
  • They're at the bottom of your loadouts tab!

New Combat UI

  • Lots of improvements by IceFreez3r for our combat selection and combat adjacent systems.
  • This includes the long awaited Bestiary. Monster stats and drops are shown in detail as you unlock new entries by completing elite scroll challenges.
  • Dungeon and scroll selection has been overhauled to use the combat zone selection UI instead of an item.
  • Clicking on a loadout item in a loadout will change the loadout's image to that item


  • Improved and additional mod tools for chat moderation. Beware, rulebreakers!
  • New update listing option from Ice so you can update your existing listings instead of having to remove and re-add, QoL go brrr
  • Basic support for the face and body cosmetic slots have been added

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed total expected cooking actions
  • Location and mercenary assignments persist when re-saving loadout
  • Various fixes to displaying and fetching patch notes in-game
  • MOTD appears in all channels except Whispers
  • A ton of UI related fixes + clarifications that are too numerous to list, mostly fixed by our amazing Blue Names!

Massive Amounts of Combat Stuff because it is my (Nick) favorite child

  • Quick Shot and Swift Shot have 10s cooldowns
  • All 1.33x ability affinity mults have been increased to 1.5x
  • Empowered Bestial Dagger Speed 2.2 -> 2.1, Strength up to 42, Melee Affinity up to 1.1
  • Increased accuracy of all crossbows
  • Decreased Quick Shot min and max dmg to 0.9 from 0.95
  • Added 'Imbued Charms' which are optional magic damage/acc ammo consumables
  • Added an uncraftable tier (1.4x) of ammo only available from greater gathering chests
  • Naturalist now boosts greater chest finding in all gathering
  • Added additional items to elven gear auging costs, shouldn't be prohibitive, might be too low
  • Added support for de/buffs to ignore prolonging; this has been added to all existing debuffs
  • Implemented 'Pending Resurrection' enchantment
  • Reimplemented the 'Phoenix Flame' set bonus
  • Overheating affects both defensive and offensive stats
  • Acid Splash, Acid Wave, and Armor Rend are now available to players through skill books. They drop from enemies that use these abilities as they are themed as notes that the player takes learning from the monsters. Non-elites have 1/10k chance, Elites have 1/1k chance to drop
  • Reimplemented Resurrection Sickness
  • Mantle of Flame has 2 new abilities- 'Channel Resurrection' and 'Prepare Resurrection'
  • New combat jewelry is tradable + new level reqs
  • Taxing Enchantment Reworked, now boosts junk drops and does not reduce stats
  • Monsters now weaker vs. their special damage weaknesses (slashing/piercing/fire/ice/etc.) Monsters without special weaknesses generally have gotten some new ones.
  • Lesser Demons max hit mult reduced from 1.0 to 0.9 to make lava maze easier early on
  • Doubled effectivesness of threat modifying buffs (taunt/tank taunt/blending in)
  • Adjusted weights of threat contribution:
  • Armor threat increased
  • Attack Speed threat increased
  • Missing HP threat increased and only applies to monsters; monsters will always assume the player is max HP for this check making it effectively static
  • Implemented 8 (total of 9) new targeting methods for abilities to add more tools for design, i.e. lowest threat, highest threat, random, random excluding highest threat, lowest health, etc.
  • Diminishing damage per attack attempt on AOEs supported
  • Mercs take 10% of drops per junk roll
  • Dungeons scale twice as fast as other combat zones for difficulty
  • Max buff count from abilities supported, generally it's either 1 or 99, debuffs do not cap
  • Moved hard rotation to priority rotation; character will always attempt to cast the first off-cooldown ability. Monsters still have hard rotations, generally.
  • Added some auto-rotation functionality to create a decent priority rotation off of existing ones, can be toggled off in settings. Recommended to use this as a starting point but not to fully rely on it unless you're okay with some inefficiency.
  • Adjusted drops for Goblin Settlement/Cache, Souls drops, CW drops (mostly all nerfs here)
  • Added a new enemy- Exiled Preceptor. He appears in very high difficulty Fallen Academy waves and drops the high level mage dungeon frags. He is very strong.
  • Combat splash wheel reimplemented
  • Crystal scales no longer drop in Overgrown Woods
  • Fixed various enchantments not affecting stats as intended
  • Wild Slash base max dmg coeff down to 0.75 from 1.5
  • Execute has better melee damage scaling, faster to cast (1.2 to 1), and higher min dmg coeff (1 to 1.25), execute special handling does up to 33% more dmg starting at 50% target hp, from 15% starting at 33%
  • Slayer's Pendant given more offensive dmg aff in all styles (1.03 to 1.05). Given higher base prot/stam (1 to 4) and 4 strength. Gives 2 str per aug

New Tooltips

update main image

New Tooltips

Tooltips received a new overhaul, with a more modern and compact outlook. No more overflowing tooltips!

You can enable and switch between different Tooltips (and comparison mode) in the Settings. The new Tooltips are disabled (for now) by default. Plan is to make them the default option after a while.

The Tooltips were previously part of Dael's userscripts, but now integrated to the official user interface. Thanks Dael!


  • Fixed an issue causing Idlescape Plus to not renew properly.
  • Performance and minor visual fixes to Landing page.
  • Clicking the Version at the top right corner will now show latest official posts from Idlescape

Thanks a lot for all the feedback both in live server and the playtest one!

Shapeless Update

update main image

New Item

  • Intended to begin pushing group combat to support more support roles, the Sylvan Staff is a new item that has been introduced to give magic support players access to more tools to keep their parties in the fight.
    • Will be released in next week's update

New Cosmetics

  • The Shapeless Bow and Shapeless Staff have been added as new cosmetics

Quality of Life

  • Can now filter by item set names in inventory
  • Filtering of player auctions on the sell page

Balance Changes

  • Wealth and Scholar have been returned to their former glory, sort of! They have been reverted to 20% per strength except now they do not stack on top of each other.
  • Halved effectiveness of the Soul Stealing buff (0.1 to 0.05)
  • Chorus of Souls ability overhaul: Lesser Soul Steal to Corrupted Soul Steal, added 2 new abilities, 'Wailing Souls' and 'Blinding Souls' that apply debuffs
  • Implemented several existing combat debuffs
  • Greatly increased the chance of getting an Elder Stone, now also drops from elder ruins itself (aug item for elven quivers and ring of taxes)
  • Greatly increased aug bonuses for elven quivers as they had disproportionately expensive augmentation costs for effectively no stat gain
  • Magic Forgotten Soul attack speed slowed from 2.1 to 2.3
  • Eye of the Storm and Maelstrom keys have alternate recipes that are just 10 of their key pieces with no gathering materials
  • Each physical melee damage type now has a secondary default ability, as in when you equip an item that is melee and has affinity for that damage type it will be added as an available ability as if the weapon granted it: Piercing gets 'Bleed'- an entry level DOT ability, Blunt gets 'Daze'- a debuffing attack that applies the Stun debuff, and Slashing gets 'Cleave'- a basic 2 target AOE
  • Bestial Fury set bonus needs 3 pieces for full strength, 2 gives half; strength bonus increased, dex bonus reduced
  • Enrage gives a flat +2% armor pen, if they reach 100% damage they will start doing bonus damage (though by that point your party has probably been wiped)

Bug Fixes

  • A proper fix for duplicate spam posts in client chat components
  • Shrine buffs should properly randomize each week and reset its progress
  • Mobile marketplace UI fixed for Safari users.
  • Fixed some augmenting bonus edge cases, such as items not getting the bonuses if they did not have it as a base stat initially
  • Links in chat clickable again
  • Server Time clock now correctly shows 24h format, depending on your locale/settings


  • Improvement to some mod tools / tracking
  • Client game data (item list, location list, other lists) exposed for script makers for ease of script creation
  • Other misc. script focused edits to UI
  • Removed some script generated tags on items that didn't need them
  • Renamed the Eye of the Storm and Maelstrom dungeon keys due to popular demand
  • Added extra information to Active Character Token

Huge thanks to the Community Contributors that have been helping us get this update and future updates developed!

  • Blue names go BRRRRRRR

Future Things

We will begin playtesting upcoming major features that will have a huge impact on the game's balance as well as playtest to iron out existing balance issues. Keep an eye out for this! This will be a closed and small scale playtest compared to the most recent TS Playtest, so restrictions may apply to those who wish to be involved.

Return of INFO

update main image

Features & Changes

  • INFO is back!
  • Temporary commands for setting maximum and starting combat difficulties. New commands are /maxdifficulty [value] and /startdifficulty [value]
  • Adjustments to how combat zone UI works- added an 'Enter Combat' button and you need to click on the little info 'i' to popup the information tooltip, this fixes some mobile issues. Does not include some of the WIP features that were teased earlier with these UI changes.
  • Added two new set bonuses: Bestial Fury and Infernal Strength. Gargoyle items are part of the Infernal Strength set, and Bestial items part of the Bestial Fury set
  • Increased augmentation bonus received from Gargoyle items

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed (and probably introduced more) countless UI problems. Deleted a lot of deprecated styling, laying the groundwork for future UI improvements. This also probably results in there being new UI styling issues now, let us know if/when you find them!
  • Fixed smithing missing resource popup showing wrong amount
  • Fixed enchanted equipment always shows as enchantment strength 1 in Marketplace
  • Fixed wrong item tags on items and added new correct ones
  • Fixed an issue of players not receiving their 600 Platinum from Idlescape Plus subscription. Players who experienced this, has had their Platinum added to their account.

Next week

The focus of next week's update will still be mainly on bugs and tackling the 'larger' bugs we have. With the groundwork done for fixing UI performance and styling issues, expect to more UI improvements in the next update.

We are also working on a new interface for selecting a Combat area to fight in. Nick already gave some teasers for it in the Discord #dev-blog channel. We are currently working on the UI-side of it.

Easter Event and Balancing

update main image

Easter Event - Ending Thursday, April 13th at 3PM UTC

Together with this update there will also be a small Easter Event. We have hidden 20 codes in various places They usually start with # in front of them, with a few exceptions. You will be rewarded with some Event Tokens for every valid code you enter. Happy hunting!


  • Removed Easter Event related stuff
  • Zero Edge actually having the two new abilities mentioned in the previous patch note
  • Potential fix for the duplicate spam posts for spam posts of rare items in chat
  • The ForceFullInventory setting will now send a popup to the offending player as well as name them in the group chat when it blocks an action/dungeon from starting
  • Stamina tooltip now shows your passive heal amount (was gonna be your HP, but the tooltip was not being nice so it goes there instead woo)
  • Added accuracy stat tooltip
  • Loadout tab in combat panel, this makes it accessible for mobile players
  • Mobile players have the currency options defaulted to on so they can actually see all their currency except platinum
  • Scrollcrafting defaults to the necklace option since the components for each scroll are very unoptimized and could make the page unusable for mobile players. If you deselect it and your page freezes, then I blame you instead of our code! :)


  • Fix prolonging being checked twice
  • Runecrafting (weaving) efficiency enchant check doesn't consume stacks
  • Crystal Mace has is more of a hybrid for melee/magic; now has 60 magic req because of new stats
  • Razorfin reworked to have neutral magic affinity and 2 unique abilities, "Ebb" and "Flow", 2 target moderately strong ice attacks
  • Elven King's Longbow has 0.9 magic affinity and 1.5 nature affinity
  • Shapeless Scythe's melee affinity upped to 1.2, magic affinity to 0.9
  • Ancient Trident's melee affinity upped to 0.9
  • Zedge now has neutral magic affinity and 2 new abilities: "Lightning Bolt" which is effectively a fast "Greater" tier magic spell, and "Lightspeed", a self-buff + lightning spell that applies the Acrobatics buff to yourself (33% chance that an attack is sped up by 33%)
  • Moss Maul melee aff from 1.1 to 1.3
  • Empowered Bestial Defender loses greater slash, replaced by bestial camouflage ability
  • Corrupted Lands monsters all have 0.75 lightning defensive affinity
  • Chaos monsters + swordfish have 0.9 lightning defensive affinity
  • Shrimp God has 0.66 lightning defensive affinity
  • VOG no longer has triple elite waves, they're double elite waves starting at diff 9
  • Chaos Giants / Abominations / Voidtouched resistance stat halved, protection stat slightly increased to make magic more capable against them
  • Shrimp God p1 and p2 resistance decreased


  • Merged a bunch of UI fixed and improvements from IceFreez3r!
  • New column in market history with price per item
  • Cost per stack on buy list
  • Sorting of the table works with all fields and ascending/descending buttons
  • Price per item to marketplace history
  • Commas to current lowest price on market value
  • May use affixes like k/m/b for price input fields
  • Some misc UI/CSS improvements from his extension
  • Some backend work/cleanup
  • Fixed some important internal edge case handling for inventories, specifically for deleting of items that are considered invalid
  • Currencies (gold/heat/essence) will always be shown as items in the vault so as to reduce confusion
  • Starting combat difficulty setting actually overrides the default 0 when it's processed

Important Note

Due to some older bugs some of your inventories have been slightly janked up, hence why some of you have consistently run into particular issues that others may not have we have added an option to show currencies (gold, heat, essences) as items in your inventory. This allows you to vault them to either fix too many stacks making your inventories broken or simply to vault them since that has been a requested feature for a while. We have also enabled the /fixInventory (or /fixinv) command which should resolve these too many stacks issues by restacking all the items in your inventory. This is a last ditch resort to fixing your inventory and functions by finding any items with multiple stacks and moving all instances of them into your vault/stockpile. It does not move them back to their original inventory.

Combat Balance + Tweaks

  • You now have a setting to set a starting difficulty; currently max starting difficulty is your highest elite clear in a zone / 2, rounded down. i.e. 10 / 2 = 5, 9 / 2 = 4, etc.
  • When combat difficulty increases your food inventories are refilled from the zone's respective loadout
  • Healing enchantment reworked; instead of decreasing time between passive heals it now boosts the passive heal tick and the amount of health gained from consumables
  • Flamethrower, Krakatoa, and Triple Shot have been changed since they were some of the initial abilities implemented and never had their arbitrarily assigned legacy values updated. Generally speaking, Flamethrower and Krakatoa have been nerfed and Triple Shot has been buffed
  • Hailstorm ability has been added, it is an ice flamethrower attack. It comes from ancient trident/ring/pendant
  • Added Ice Trident ability, it is a strong single target ice attack. It comes from the ancient trident
  • Regenerated a bunch of the AI art for the combat zones. They should look much nicer and much closer to what we originally had in mind!

As part of our work on balancing out the new combat mechanics we decided to look into two major issues:

  1. Getting to a sufficiently high difficulty takes a really long time
  2. Players aren't burning through enough food

To resolve this we've landed on making it so that food can refill and players can select their starting difficulty. This should increase the demand and usefulness of elite scrolls further since they will boost starting difficulty as well as the demand for decent food as players who are pushing difficulties can continue to resupply as the difficulty of the zone increases. This brought up another issue- that of the healing enchantment. Currently it is an incredibly strong non-consumable heal that you simply buy/make once and stick on equipment to have forever. In many cases these passive heals completely invalidate consumable healing.

Other areas we're addressing in this update are the broken legacy values assigned to a few abilities. We've brought them more in line with all the other abilities as well as added a couple new variants that use different affinities.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed edge case that allowed for respawning in combat that explicitly blocks it, i.e. dungeons
  • Junk items now correctly have the junk tag
  • Fix some misc. edge case crashes
  • Fixed the droprates of chaos and corrupted fragments from elite enemies, they should be 10-100x more common to match the other fragments from elites
  • Disabled / Hid auto-vault and auto-tacklebox settings as they are not fully functional and can lead to problems

UI Improvements

  • Ability Tooltips now show more precise information and show how they will perform with your specific equipment + levels
  • Added filters to the ability selection UI because you can get a lot of abilities clogging that menu up with the right combo of gear
  • Combat Zones now have a tooltip that has their description, recommended level range, and recommended style

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Legacy Sorting is now the default option

More Fixes, More Balancing, Some QoL

update main image


  • Adjusted the scaling of monster offensive stats from difficulty, it should scale roughly half as fast it does on 0.12.1 release
  • Fixed Group Chat by finding the annoying field that wasn't being set properly and setting it!
  • Fixes to the half-baked activity log overhaul, should now actually work as intended. May still be missing some cases where a filter should apply but the log doesn't know what the message type is so it never filters it.

Bug Fixes

  • Settings should now finally be fixed and persist properly. They should even work based on what you have set before this update hits live! This has been a frustrated little bug to finally track down.
  • Activity Log filter level setting has been replaced by the old system of having several individual logs that you can enable or disable. These are partially implemented and will require your help to note where a setting should apply but it doesn't.
  • Reduced server load in general
  • Fixed some potential augmenting transform edge cases
  • Increased the number of times the server will attempt to handle buffs/inventory changes from 2 times to 5. This may help with changes failing without any particular error on the game logic side.

Balance Changes

A lot of combat related balance changes are coming with this update:

  • Food cannot be added to any combat instance that is already running except on a respawn. This also fixes a few issues related to this + unnecessary messages that popup because of it.
  • Elite waves have had a frequency adjustment. All zones should now scale to roughly difficulty 15 with elites starting rarely at around difficulty 5 and becoming 1/3 to 1/2 of the waves seen by difficulty 15.
  • Combat Difficulty has been adjusted- see below.
  • Combat drops have been adjusted. Non-elite enemies will generally not drop a complete item, whereas elites will commonly drop the complete and shard versions of the item. Overall the drops of elites have been massively buffed across the board; math puts the drops as being worth the kph hit while pushing difficulty up until about difficulty 25.
  • Overgrown Map crafting requirement has been changed to be 6 map pieces + 3 scrolls.
  • Eye of the Storm key → Renamed to "Ancient Prism", cost reduced to 4 + 300 aquamarines
  • Maelstrom key → Renamed to "Captive Chaotic Prism", cost reduced to 4 + 300 aquamarines + 100 chaotic crystals
  • Wrath and War weapon buffed

Quality of Life

  • There is now a location selection panel when editing loadouts. You can just select which loadout it should relate to instead of the weird start action to toggle loc.

Combat Difficulty Adjustments

TL;DR = Difficulty is much less effective HP, some more accuracy and damage

  • Reduced monster HP scaling (new effective scaling is about half as strong as previously), new formula = base * ((1 + 0.1) ^ diff + 0.25 * diff)

  • Monster prot/res now scales at +1% per diff, which is basically nothing

  • Monster attack mastery now scales ~3x faster than other monster masteries (3.33% of monster attack additionally gets added as attack mastery)

  • Monster damage masteries (str/magic/range) now scale 2x faster than other monster masteries (2% of monster skills turn into masteries, i.e. at diff 5 a strength 100 enemy now has strength 100 + strength mastery 10)

  • Monster damage from gear (str/dex/int) now scales 2x faster than before (+20% per diff)

  • Monster agility now scales 1.5x faster than other monster defensives (better make acc scrolls!)

  • Each level of difficulty gives a 1% chance to double loot and a 0.1% chance to triple loot

  • Enrage timer is reduced by 7.5 seconds per difficulty, capped to 60 seconds as minimum enrage timer

Bug Fixes and Game Balancing

update main image


  • Chaos Crest gets tongs enchantment override slot, down to 3 enchantment slots
  • Disabled some of the stat tracking as some other work in progress systems are causing it to lag the server a lot
  • Fixed an auto-eat issue when server is lagging
  • Minor UI fixes, rounding issues primarily
  • Several item image, description, and stats fixes
  • Mysterious bait now gives between 50 and 200 stats to make it useful
  • Whetstones now benefit from endless ammo enchantment
  • Ammo accuracy multiplier now works as intended
  • Offline progress sorts properly, like chests
  • Massively improved logging for errors related to transactions and buffs

Most of the fixes / additions made it into last week's update in the 0.11.9a-d versions, but here's the remaining set!

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Added auto-recovery logic to group handling which should resolve potential soft-locks caused by desync
  • Improved Group Chat's handling, should stop leaking into other channels by using the existing ActivityLog handling
  • Fixed issue that caused critical strike to not calculate into stats like other enchantments
  • Sort chest contents by item ID (legacy sorting)
  • Showing player currently registered email in the input box in settings
  • Password recovery process more streamlined + enhanced UI
  • Tool enhancements for mods
  • Centered the button in the loading wheel state when logging into the game
  • Backend improvements for finding faulty code
  • Fixed /help command not working
  • Fixed /discord command not working

Gameplay Changes

  • Obsidian gear can be recycled into obsidian glass at a 1:1 ratio
  • Adjusted/added high difficulty waves so that there are significantly more elite fights while pushing difficulty
  • Added and fixed some descriptions of items
  • Trimmed lots of the group log spam
  • Current Wave or Waves Left, Difficulty shown in the combat heart component instead of in logs
  • Combat Bar update- popup to confirm running away, moved the chicken button, added/updated combat stats tooltips
  • Buffed ranged ammo, added melee whetstones as an optional melee consumable ammo type
  • Slightly increased time to weave fibers (+500ms per tier)
  • UI properly reflects that RC effective level decreases time to RC/Weave
  • Efficiency now works for fiber weaving
  • Significantly decreases the augmenting costs for dungeon keys; they no longer use their relevant fragment in their aug costs
  • Ice Stones (aug mat) renamed to Frost Shards to avoid confusion with Ice Stone (junk)
  • Aqueous Chunks and Frost Shards now drop from Ice Giant + Elite Variant
  • Boars and Wolves now drop crystal scales rarely
  • Elven gear can now be recycled into crystal scales
  • Elven Armor has been renamed to Elven Heavy Armor
  • Elven Light Armor has been added, it is crafted w/ Elven Heavy Armor + Crystal Scales
  • Elven Hat has been renamed to Elven Hood
  • Elven Hat is now a new item, it is crafted w/ Elven Hood + Crystal Scales This is intended to give rangers a proper end-set of gear that affords bonuses to all their specific stats (agil, dex, affinities, etc.)
  • Added the second tier of Ranger's Grace (+40% agil) and Dextrous Shot (+30% dex)
  • Slightly decreased the base effect of Ranger's Grace (+30% agil -> +20%)
  • Conversion recipes between Aqueous Chunks and Frost Shards
  • Basically all endgame uniques have crafting recipes now; both the base item and their crafting material drops in combat so a portion of the unique items have to consume some gathered materials to become a usable piece of equipment, adding some more demand for high end gathering materials

New Landing page, Bug Fixes, Quality of Life and a bit of content

update main image

Hey everyon! I guess this is our first official patch note, if we don't count the ones posted on Discord and/or Reddit, so yay! In the future all patch notes, news, announcements etc will be posted here too.

This update also included a new Landing page for Idlescape. All feedback on it is highly appreciated! Also feel free to give suggesttions on what to add in there etc.

Now to the actual patch notes:

Quality of Life, Improvements & Changes

  • Significantly increased droprates of post-refactor key fragments; elites have had their droprate for these items increased 2-10x+
  • Notifications as activity log setting
  • Added Hunter's Band (range dps)
  • Added Dwarven Hammer Necklace (blunt dps)
  • Added Ancient Token (mage ice legendary pendant)
  • Added Ancient Ring (mage ice dps)
  • Added Golem Ring (super hybrid ring)
  • Adjusted Defender jewelry
  • Buffed scaled circuit
  • Buffed ancient nature talisman
  • Chaos Crest has +1.5 smithing levels per aug instead of 0.5
  • Mantle of flame offensive damage fire affinity lowered from 1.5 to 1.35
  • Buffed Armory (Glass/Obsidian enemy) drop rates + uniques
  • Loot Goblin chances are shown in its enchantment descriptionAdded commas to lowest price on marketplace sell panel
  • Added purple glow to soulbound items
  • Added experience per action component to gathering resource components
  • Platinum shop is sorted by category and price instead of date added / internal ID
  • Added Lesser/Greater Jewelry Caches as common dungeon drops
  • Added "Dungeon Caches," these are essentially tradeable dungeon loot rolls that are NOT enhanced by treasure hunter at all. There is an 100% chance for 1 cache, and a 10% chance to get another in EVERY dungeon.
  • Basically doubled the amount of trash you can get from dungeons + enhanced min rolls so not as much bad RNG (NOT IN CACHES)
  • Phroglin Pheromones
  • Game/General shop supports pre-enchanted gear

Bug Fixes

  • Tons of crash handling focused on buffs
  • Dungeons will not start unless the keys are consumed properly; keys will not be consumed unless the dungeon starts correctly
  • Critical damage mults are sum, not avg; fixed rounding on critical strike
  • A bunch of misc UI cleanup / fixes
  • Fixed enrage not going past 1
  • Fixed tiny fishtail and razorfin

Some cooking changes are brewing!

0.11.9a - The After Update

  • Improvements to how critical stats are calculated, support for it as a potential buff
  • Fixed Dwarven Hammer Necklace slot from ring -> necklace
  • Unequip equipment in wrong slots
  • Improved scroll/key tooltip to clarify things like difficulty or TH bonuses
  • Reimplemented group chat, it's kinda weird w/ how group logging works now so need feedback here
  • Slot Tooltip name of "Arrows" changed to "Quiver / Pendant" in Item Tooltips only
  • Sealed Scrolls have new dungeons in them
  • Overhaul of Loot Goblin's drops; consistently fighting them at high diff + th will generally give really good stuff
  • Properly sync actions between party leader and party members on action end
  • Added more cases where actions sync to client, should help with visual issues where a player appears to be "stuck," i.e. visually stuck in dangerous gathering combat but still getting gathering items/xp

0.11.9b - Update 2, Electric Boogaloo

  • Castle Door announces to chat as intended
  • Elder Ruins now properly drop Elder Cache
  • Combat Buff stacks will now ONLY consume 1 stack per action, i.e. if an enchant boosts 2 stats it will only be used once instead of twice
  • Fixed some combat crashes
  • Loot Goblin can drop bird's nests

0.11.9c - Update 3

  • Improved some descriptions for various things
  • Fixed farming manually harvesting deleting the plant instead
  • Fixed Elder Cache ID issue
  • Added password recovery to our new landing page
  • Fixed some miscellaneous edge-case crashes

0.11.9d - Update 4

  • Minor adjustments to some mob rotations
  • Fixed max damage in ability tooltip sometimes not appearing
  • Cleaned up some combat targeting logic, may resolve some edge cases
  • Significantly reduced odds for chests + greater variants from loot goblins since there's lots of junk/gold items in the tables now
  • equipment linking fixed + button back
  • Removing zones from loadouts save to DB properly, toggling loc no longer resets loadout UI (Recommended to redo any existing loadouts that have a defined location!)
  • A lot of mod tool fixes. Watch out, ne'er-do-wells!
  • Adjusted our inventory recovery logic to include some error cases that did not attempt to recover; should fix some desync issues caused by longterm uptime
  • Dangerous Gathering has been reworked: Instead of actual combat there is a stat check for fake combat that adds a simulated delay to the gathering actions; if you have decent combat stats and stats in that gathering skill you will have a short delay + receive the combat loot as if you had killed the monster there. If you don't then you will have a longer delay and may not receive the bonus loot.

The delay counts towards shards, so dangerous zones now generate as many shards as non-dangerous zones.

You will not receive combat XP from the simulated combat.

Bug Fixes + QoL

update main image
  • Enable Tab History as an option (defaults to off)
  • Fix some more group handling issues
  • Fixed infinite mob waves, if a wave breaks it will only require 1 kill to complete
  • Can only post up to 5 links in a single message
  • Rewrote how food and ability cooldowns are handled internally, this should resolve problematic rotations and food cooldowns
  • Probably fixed group flashbang issues
  • Can soulbound up to +2
  • GK new drops
  • Mantle of Flame uses Phoenix's Feather for augging
  • Elder Ruins new drops
  • Skill books worth 500k gold, 25k heat
  • Elite scrolls can drop abilities rarely
  • Updated some of the helper functions that were causing issues due to some optimizations measures (fixes a few inventory issues, esp. in augmenting)
  • Implemented username change token, WIP start on bonds
  • temporary fix for safari in marketplace (until that UI component can be entirely rewritten)
  • More TH from dungeon/scroll difficulty
  • Fixed another instance of the utility breaking things, should fix inconsistent moving of items in inventory (i.e. trying to move 2+ items but only moving 1 of them, or similar)
  • Added another layer of auto-recovery for inventories janking up; it basically does a partial session refresh ONLY for your inventories to force resolve desync, if possible
  • Re-enabling player group combat bars (shows ability use + timers)

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life changes

update main image
  • Combat respects blocked respawns (primarily for dungeons)
  • Accepting a group invite will remove you from your current group
  • Replaced item affinity arrow tooltip -> i.e. +30%, -4%, etc.
  • Assign Loc -> Toggle Loc + fixed zone ID instead of zone name
  • Gave The Advisor some guaranteed drops
  • Range bodies and trousers now match the dex aug bonus, but still have no base dex stats
  • A handful of misc. crash fixes/handling
  • new augmenting chance formula on frontend
  • Combat Queued Action persists, should fix getting stuck in dangerous encounters
  • Can filter out "Enemy respawn!" Message, option to hide personal IS+ icon
  • Improved augment queue item selection logic, added 'Save Last Item' option
  • Archaeology procs are sent to lootlog
  • More work done on archaeology, expanded arch drop tables
  • Improved Arch description: 'Gives access to a secondary drop table while gathering with rewards and chances heavily scaling on enchantment strength. The best finds are only found in the hardest to reach zones!'
  • Improved some misc. descriptions and grammar errors
  • No more doubling up mod icons! @Zady
  • No more doubling up IS+ icons
  • All IS+ members get +600 plat
  • Present no longer blinking