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August 27, 2023

Beta 0.13.4

Patch Note

Fixes, Polish, UI

update main image


  • Top 20 Shrine Icons
  • Icon CSS adjusted + shown in chat icon selection panel
  • Fixed augment glow offset (pls don't break somewhere else)
  • Fix locations not properly dropping the 'Ghost Shroom' item when intended
  • Fix marketplace enchantment search crash
  • Removed outdated node penalty info
  • League specific chats are not accessible by characters outside of that league (not retroactive)
  • Fix a tab validation issue


Adjustments to inventory tabbing; global rules are the only rules because non-global are buggy and just not worth it

Inventory Tabs

  • Added new global rules to allow you to change the default tab for an item
  • Changed inventory tab saving behavior so to reduce bugs
  • Properly delete the selected tab when setting to 0
  • Added /collapse command that can be used to quickly collapse existing tabs
  • Added retroactive validation to non-tabbed inventories to make sure items in there aren't tabbed (ammo / tacklebox / augmentation queue)

Nav Drawer Rewrite

This rewrite, by Boohi and IceFreez3r, modernizes a lot of the heavily outdated and legacy components that made of the nav drawer. This means the left-side bar interface is much better, including improvements to the loot log and UI customization like pinning the drawer or slimming it. There's some new info tooltips for some skills, with Feylos having written the guides!

Hiscore Icons

Immediately on session start and then every hour afterwards the hiscores are checked and the top 20 players of each category (each skill, normal and mastery levels) are given unique icons. As long as you hold a top 20 spot you will retain that icon, but if you fall out of the top 20 it will be taken from you! We intend to expand this out to more achievements, such as dungeon clears, later on.


  • Removed weapon and offhand item tags. Search function allows equip slots (weapon/shield)
  • Removed crafting tag from craftable items
  • Exposed craftable attribute to client
  • 'craftable' as new search term for these
  • Chat linked skill UI tweaks
  • Loadouts show their augs/enchants on items
  • Update UI status bar filters out the hyperlink stuff
  • NGIM max level calc in UI ignores gathering skills


  • Fixed opening two tabs in plat shop
  • A ton of misc UI fixes
  • Fixed magic -> elven quiver transform not applying the higher level quiver enchantment
  • Fixed defensive crit calculations
  • Fixed edge cases in fishing that cause it to break
  • Offline progress time updates after the popup is sent to fix the sub second offline timer
  • Fix Castle Door rendering in combat
  • Fixed error case when deleted a character that shares the name of another deleted character

Shrine Changes

  • Removed Gathering and Superheating from shrine buffs
  • Added empowered prospector + gathering, archaeology, loot goblin, master chef, pure metals, researchers/adventurers/gatherers boon, resistance to shrine possible enchantments

Profile Tweaks

You can now do some basic profile customization for your /whois page. These are accessible through the /profile command; you can do /profile cosmetics to save your currently equipped items and cosmetics as your default inspection character as well as /profile icons add/wipe to add your currently selected chat icon as a highlighted icon to be displayed on your profile.

New Profile Icon Buyables

You can now purchase a new selection of profile icons for platinum that can be used like a standard chat icon- either in chat or on display on your /whois page.