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March 28, 2024

Beta 0.19.7

Patch Note

Technical Stuff and Bug Fixes

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Hotfix: 0.19.7a

  • Fixed supercooling/superheating rune consumption + added logging for it when it happens
  • Fixed inventories being sorted when they shouldn't be
  • Added Efficiency to the Session Stat Tracking
  • Fixed flipped settings UI
  • Some misc. grammar / typos fixed in descriptions
  • Fixed email verification UI

Returning Feature!

  • Cake Day has been reimplemented!

Bug Fixes

  • Fix greater chest log messages
  • Fix heat formatting on modern tooltips
  • Fix combat loot log grammar errors
  • Fix gathering log categories
  • Fix item tier and globals loading
  • Fix showing correct total exp
  • Overheal and other combat buffs moved to EnchantmentProcs chat filter
  • Added some new handling to break players out of softlocks in erroring actions
  • Fixed some augmenting XP being 0

UI Changes / Fixes

  • Auto-run the reset UI function on switching characters
  • Update even more really old legacy components to new standard
  • Can shift-click to unequip gear
  • Added shift-click shortcut to inventory items
  • Premium icons hidden in whispers
  • Overwrite loadout confirmation dialogue
  • Added cosmetic tags to cosmetics missing them
  • Shows untradeable status in tooltips
  • Added a catch-up loading screen when simulating player sessions in SUPER SPEEEEED
  • Fixed preparation sorting mismatch from front and back ends

Technical Changes

  • MASSIVE overhaul to how a lot of data is handled from the backend, should significantly cut down on memory related interactions. Should also significantly decrease client information spam, potentially increasing performance whilst decreasing network usage.
  • Made some changes to logging when it wasn't giving us enough information to fix potential issues
  • Improved handling for session resuming, should resolve long action resetting on session restarts

Season 2 News?

We're (Silent and Ice) currently working on revamping a lot of the "programmer UI" (redoing Nick's jank UI) and balancing a few potential positive feedback loops.