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March 21, 2023

Beta 0.11.9

Patch Note

New Landing page, Bug Fixes, Quality of Life and a bit of content

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Hey everyon! I guess this is our first official patch note, if we don't count the ones posted on Discord and/or Reddit, so yay! In the future all patch notes, news, announcements etc will be posted here too.

This update also included a new Landing page for Idlescape. All feedback on it is highly appreciated! Also feel free to give suggesttions on what to add in there etc.

Now to the actual patch notes:

Quality of Life, Improvements & Changes

  • Significantly increased droprates of post-refactor key fragments; elites have had their droprate for these items increased 2-10x+
  • Notifications as activity log setting
  • Added Hunter's Band (range dps)
  • Added Dwarven Hammer Necklace (blunt dps)
  • Added Ancient Token (mage ice legendary pendant)
  • Added Ancient Ring (mage ice dps)
  • Added Golem Ring (super hybrid ring)
  • Adjusted Defender jewelry
  • Buffed scaled circuit
  • Buffed ancient nature talisman
  • Chaos Crest has +1.5 smithing levels per aug instead of 0.5
  • Mantle of flame offensive damage fire affinity lowered from 1.5 to 1.35
  • Buffed Armory (Glass/Obsidian enemy) drop rates + uniques
  • Loot Goblin chances are shown in its enchantment descriptionAdded commas to lowest price on marketplace sell panel
  • Added purple glow to soulbound items
  • Added experience per action component to gathering resource components
  • Platinum shop is sorted by category and price instead of date added / internal ID
  • Added Lesser/Greater Jewelry Caches as common dungeon drops
  • Added "Dungeon Caches," these are essentially tradeable dungeon loot rolls that are NOT enhanced by treasure hunter at all. There is an 100% chance for 1 cache, and a 10% chance to get another in EVERY dungeon.
  • Basically doubled the amount of trash you can get from dungeons + enhanced min rolls so not as much bad RNG (NOT IN CACHES)
  • Phroglin Pheromones
  • Game/General shop supports pre-enchanted gear

Bug Fixes

  • Tons of crash handling focused on buffs
  • Dungeons will not start unless the keys are consumed properly; keys will not be consumed unless the dungeon starts correctly
  • Critical damage mults are sum, not avg; fixed rounding on critical strike
  • A bunch of misc UI cleanup / fixes
  • Fixed enrage not going past 1
  • Fixed tiny fishtail and razorfin

Some cooking changes are brewing!

0.11.9a - The After Update

  • Improvements to how critical stats are calculated, support for it as a potential buff
  • Fixed Dwarven Hammer Necklace slot from ring -> necklace
  • Unequip equipment in wrong slots
  • Improved scroll/key tooltip to clarify things like difficulty or TH bonuses
  • Reimplemented group chat, it's kinda weird w/ how group logging works now so need feedback here
  • Slot Tooltip name of "Arrows" changed to "Quiver / Pendant" in Item Tooltips only
  • Sealed Scrolls have new dungeons in them
  • Overhaul of Loot Goblin's drops; consistently fighting them at high diff + th will generally give really good stuff
  • Properly sync actions between party leader and party members on action end
  • Added more cases where actions sync to client, should help with visual issues where a player appears to be "stuck," i.e. visually stuck in dangerous gathering combat but still getting gathering items/xp

0.11.9b - Update 2, Electric Boogaloo

  • Castle Door announces to chat as intended
  • Elder Ruins now properly drop Elder Cache
  • Combat Buff stacks will now ONLY consume 1 stack per action, i.e. if an enchant boosts 2 stats it will only be used once instead of twice
  • Fixed some combat crashes
  • Loot Goblin can drop bird's nests

0.11.9c - Update 3

  • Improved some descriptions for various things
  • Fixed farming manually harvesting deleting the plant instead
  • Fixed Elder Cache ID issue
  • Added password recovery to our new landing page
  • Fixed some miscellaneous edge-case crashes

0.11.9d - Update 4

  • Minor adjustments to some mob rotations
  • Fixed max damage in ability tooltip sometimes not appearing
  • Cleaned up some combat targeting logic, may resolve some edge cases
  • Significantly reduced odds for chests + greater variants from loot goblins since there's lots of junk/gold items in the tables now
  • equipment linking fixed + button back
  • Removing zones from loadouts save to DB properly, toggling loc no longer resets loadout UI (Recommended to redo any existing loadouts that have a defined location!)
  • A lot of mod tool fixes. Watch out, ne'er-do-wells!
  • Adjusted our inventory recovery logic to include some error cases that did not attempt to recover; should fix some desync issues caused by longterm uptime
  • Dangerous Gathering has been reworked: Instead of actual combat there is a stat check for fake combat that adds a simulated delay to the gathering actions; if you have decent combat stats and stats in that gathering skill you will have a short delay + receive the combat loot as if you had killed the monster there. If you don't then you will have a longer delay and may not receive the bonus loot.

The delay counts towards shards, so dangerous zones now generate as many shards as non-dangerous zones.

You will not receive combat XP from the simulated combat.