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November 21, 2023

Beta 0.17.5

Patch Note

More Fixes and Background Work

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  • Elite scroll and dungeon keys will take you directly to the combat preparation screen
  • Buy offers can now buy a range of augments and/or any enchantment
  • Smithing input now has total numbers

Bug Fixes

  • Apply reel stats from bait
  • Crafting can now be done without vaulting non-base items while only consuming bases
  • Experience in session stats take into account buffs
  • Total experience will recalculate on level up
  • Chat mentions that are no longer visible will clear the notification dot
  • Status bar fixes for smaller screens
  • Action queue should stop now if queue is empty
  • Cooking stops if started without ingredients
  • Completely rewrote auto-stacking in different inventories (autovault/autotacklebox) this resolves instances of items not being properly adding to your inventory in various edge cases

What's happening

We're currently in the process of completely rewriting a lot of the skill modules to support the new hook setup to power skilling affixes as well as give us more flexibility with talent design. To give you an idea of how much spaghetti we're sifting through, we've currently straightening out the mining and foraging modules and each has gotten about 400 lines of redundant/duplicate code cleaned up. Once the modules are converted and tested, we can begin implementing the relevant affix effects; this will realistically take at least 2 or 3 weeks.