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May 25, 2023

Beta 0.12.8

Patch Note

Less Bugs, More Polish

update main image

UI go brr

  • You can now drag and drop ability images to set your rotation!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed /selljunk sometimes erroring out
  • Fixed ability rotation sometimes not respecting max ability count
  • Fixed ability rotation sometimes being able to get changed mid combat
  • Fixed instances where Wealth procs would not give you the full gold reward
  • Fixed legacy food tooltips
  • Fixed some misc update listing bugs
  • Fixed trying to use 0.5 fertilizer bug
  • Fixed Password Recovery process

Misc. Improvements

  • More info for banned/muted players to know when the punishment is over
  • Show personal leaderboard placement
  • Improvements to threat calculations, added option to target based on lowest HP percent
  • A fun easter egg for collectors of a specific item
  • Some automated tasks that should hopefully reduce typos I (Nick) sometimes make
  • Various UI improvements

Balance Changes

  • Reduced soulbound xp gain by ~33%
  • Super duper mathed out Combat drops from chikenz! (ty chikenz)
  • Reworked crafting material costs for dungeon keys, also based on SUPER MATH
  • Heal/damage over times casted without enough ammo have heavily reduced efficacy (half healing, half dot counts, twice as long between events); bandage friendly now requires 1 nature rune

What's happening next patch?

We're working on some technical cleanup to try and resolve some underlying issues that have cropped up every once and a while (desync primarily). With our fantastic new blue names this will hopefully go well!