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December 26, 2023

Beta 0.18.1

Patch Note

Merry Christmas!

update main image

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  • Fix client crash related to not having any platinum purchases
  • Added 'Wise Hat' cosmetics for 2000 plat
  • Added 'Court Jester' icon for 600 plat
  • Fixed linked skill level showing an additional 0
  • Fix reset lootlog timer
  • Added a 10 second cooldown to throwing snowballs
  • Reduced snow generation. The snow storm will finish passing through soon!


  • Fix fishing without bait causing the entire client to brick. AAAAA

Just a few things for this week:

  • Fixed max-roll affix star not displaying properly
  • Gathering Resource component rewritten to new standards
  • Can now ctrl+click to share patch notes
  • Destructive Testing scales to amount of production consumed
  • Disenchanting gives essence * stack size
  • Major cleanup of UI technical related components, ty Ice!
  • Added chance to find snow in almost every skilling action, scaling with XP gained
  • Some improved mod tools
  • Added Phroglins. Tell us when you find them!

What's next?

We're currently in the design phase for the next content/balance pass that I mentioned previously (combat, primarily). So far we've landed on a decent chunk of new items to add as well as taking a look at old content to see where we can have them use the new systems so that instead of simply number getting bigger unique items may have more unique effects. Other reworks are being worked on as well, such as the elusive cooking rework that will tie into the new combat changes to make the skill more intuitive to interact with and a more valid way to interact with the overall economy.