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March 06, 2024

Beta 0.19.4

Patch Note


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Background Stuff

We're currently in the polish and balance phase for the next major update! The next major update(s) will tentatively include: Affixes, Achievements, Season 2, Quests, Talents. Keep an eye on the dev-blog for more!

Balance Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Reduced the augmentation cost for obsidian to reflect the lowered experience rates
  • Preparation interactions with scholar have been tweaked to reduce the massive experience rate potential
  • Fixed Swift Agony interactions with self-damage
  • Damage and Health Over Time events now refresh an existing stack if it exists, or upgrades the stack if it is being refreshed by an enhanced version of that event, instead of stacking a separate event
  • Loot Goblin has been overhauled to be more consistent with intent; description now gives the average number of Loot Goblins expected to be encountered per day
  • Deep Fry only applies to cooking food and alchemy
  • Fixed entropic strike using magic accuracy instead of melee
  • Cooking balance changes; moved to normal potions, gives 1 pot per stack (from 6), adjusted everything else by x5~6
  • Blitzing scales with levels
  • Prevent adding ammo that doesn't meet requirements
  • Action Queue only moves off of combat if at wave end and not in an elite scroll / dungeon
  • Fix some global buff application bugs
  • Tentative fix for some more loadout food issues

UI Stuff

  • More cooking cosmetics!
  • Added Damage and Health Over Time UI elements to combat buff/debuff panel
  • Fixed loadout color switching
  • Removed some market lootlogging
  • Tweaked lootlog displays for chests
  • Distributed a bunch of ability icons to ones that didn't have a unique icon
  • More compact header
  • Allow viewing zone info in combat
  • Made equipment DPS display a little smarter + includes DoTs
  • Chat scroll only on unread mention
  • Disabled pressing escape clearing chat
  • Reset UI button now beside the clock
  • Send all relevant level up announcements instead of just one