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November 07, 2023

Beta 0.17.3

Patch Note

Lots of Fixes

update main image


  • Fix some combat queue timer issues + crashes introduced with last update
  • Level 40 magic/range gear is now uncommon rarity
  • Some tag / search fixes for various items, like legendaries or jewelry
  • A bunch of UI fixes that are too numerous to list, mostly technical things
  • Account-wide bestiary functions properly

Crafting Changes Next Week

Next week will have a significant rebalance of crafting experience included to make things more consistent across the board, generally; make sure to check the discord if you want more information on it.

Server Related

We will be updating some of the software that we use to power the game services, this will result in 30-60 minutes of downtime when this update goes live and should hopefully resolve the random server crashes these last couple weeks.


  • Enabled editing queue timers
  • Signet and Corrupted Ring can now be enchanted
  • Base Action Queue Count is now 1 and the Base Action Queue Length is 10 minutes; this should make the Action Queue useful even if you only use one of the two related tokens.

Bug Fixes

  • Combat Instances should stop getting confused if you're connected to a different shard on reconnect than the session was initially started on; this fixes some very rare bugs like mercs appearing in solo zones
  • Fixed scrollcrafting doing 1 more action after running out
  • User Queues now use their intended loadouts
  • Accept queue at max length

a HUGE number of the UI changes this update were done by Silent, our newest CC!

UI Fixes

  • Dwarven / Elven buffs apply to cooking UI
  • Fixed scrollcrafting UI chance formula
  • Removed soulbound items from the marketplace sell list
  • Fix duplicate item issues in bestiary, use itemIcon instead of itemImage if it exists
  • Marketplace name aug color margin adjusted to fit better
  • Fixed some rounding errors in smithing ui calcs
  • Display current roll properly in affix rerolling UI
  • Fix end date league check in UI
  • Removed activate button on season end character
  • Combat group highlight works again
  • HP display for ingredient foods
  • Fixed salvage message
  • Fixed inspect window appearing in front of cloaks/capes

UI Changes

  • Bestiary now checks your overall account scroll clears instead of just that character
  • Bestiary now separates loot from different leagues
  • Improved Loot Goblin description
  • Overall improvement to mobile market UI
  • Smithing UI now shows totals, intensity bar offset fixed, overlaid heat number
  • Tweaks and fixes to affix tooltip displays
  • Adjusted some of the scroll image assets to use prior versions instead of duplicates
  • More specific combat status bar description
  • Combat now has background themes
  • Cosmetics on character selection
  • Cosmetics on group sidebar
  • Adjusted avatars for their group mugshots/avatars
  • Show queue stats without queue
  • Probably a lot more UI fixes / tweaks from Silent that I missed because there were so many great commits!!

Technical Stuff

We've begun work on the Quest, Achievement, and Mastery Talent frameworks. Stay tuned :)

November 7th, 2023