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February 14, 2024

Beta 0.19.1

Patch Note

Balancing the Bugs

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  • Can soulbind/augment the new jewelry in Dark Vault
  • Fixed offline tracking
  • Prevent infinite locked wheel state blocking some inputs
  • Soul Wisdom can now properly be applied to all skilling sets
  • Tweaks to some buff handling behavior for more consistency
  • More consistent merc loadout logic, should be less "sticky" on UI
  • Fixed the rat/goblin mixup in low level combat locations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mercs attacking before an enemy spawned, potentially wasting a buff cast
  • Resort merc/mob buffs to fix strength selection stuff
  • Fix alchemy potion tooltip location
  • Shrimp can be prepared to get baubles
  • Fix 'Respawning...' stuck in CombatInfoBar
  • Made chat stick to the bottom
  • Don't eat combat food from stockpile
  • Fix activity log not using the intended space
  • Fixed runecrafting amount formula
  • Placeholder combat asset for royal elven hat
  • Fix some incorrect behavior when unblocking users who have changed their username recently
  • Commands are now case insensitive again
  • Fixed some incorrect / typo descriptions for enchantments
  • Unstuck mercenaries in UI

Balance Changes

  • Adjusted alchemy formula for consistency and intuitiveness
  • Adjusted the greater imbued wand essence crafting requirement
  • Mercs now get buffs from food
  • Spades and Vault key comps are ~4x rarer to drop
  • Improved difficulty scaling of Enchanted Armory, now scales up to diff 15
  • Removed Titan, Blademaster, and Torn Banner from Dark Vault
  • Added Dark Ring, Crown of Spikes, and Pendant of Virulence to Dark Vault
  • Dark Ring - ring, reduces defenses but improves offenses a lot
  • Crown of Spikes - pendant, passive deflect but cannot dodge and much lower accuracy
  • Pendant of Virulence - pendant, DOTs auto resolve at half damage but synergizes with Living Death
  • Living Death synergizes with Pendant of Virulence, the lower your HP the greater the damage your auto resolved DOT does
  • Royal Reverence has had its agility bonus halved; dodge to get acrobatics has been buffed massively and now scales to remaining HP. This set bonus is now primarily focused on DPS and not dodge tanking.

Other Things

  • Surrounding players in the hiscore will now be shown
  • Slightly more verbose explanation for required feedback fields
  • Optimizations and improvements to loadout food handling
  • Added a new preparation option for cooking: prepare evenly
  • Various UI optimizations and component refactoring
  • Can now filter affix by effect... soon^tm!
  • Can now filter by cooking tag and cooking enchantment
  • Lots of backend/frontend optimizations
  • Some more work for quests/achievements
  • Gathering Dungeons now have bestiary entries from the relevant gathering elite scrolls
  • April Fools gear can now be used as cosmetics