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September 04, 2023

Beta 0.13.5

Patch Note

Anyone else up in the stars this week?

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This update almost entirely brought to you by the Community Contributors and a few player volunteers!

Platinum Shop

Forgotten Platebody cosmetic added to Platinum Shop


Production and Combat Guides added

UI Tweaks + Fixes

  • Replaced tab history with pinned tabs
  • Reduced space used by first farming category
  • Chat channel moderators can delete/restore messages in their channels
  • Can once again click on the health icon when in combat to open combat
  • Fixed cancel button of delete message of messages not working
  • Fixed centering of equipment items
  • Added sidebar anchor for userscript injections
  • Added option to ignore tools in loadouts

Bug Fixes / Backend Stuff

  • Fixed items that could transform into more than 1 item only rolling the first option available
  • Tweaked some chat link handling
  • Equipping food from loadout is now aware of how much the stockpile has left so it won't try to load empty items, mostly a backend fix
  • Adjusted the obsidian drops for relevant elites, more variety less scimitars!