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August 14, 2023

Beta 0.13.2

Patch Note

DPS Check!

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  • Fix some new issues related to claiming accounts
  • Fixed some platshop issues
  • new feedback form from Ice
  • Fix adventurer's boon incorrectly increasing time to get the next shard
  • fix elven logistics image
  • fix crafting multiplier for charms
  • fix dwarven manufacturing / elven logistics applying to smithing

New DPS Checking Tool

You can now fight against a DPS dummy in a special location to check your DPS using certain setups. It awards no XP or essence and it is modifiable with an ingame command. This feature will receive more features as requests are made for specific things! The max group size here is 5, so you can test your mercs or your group DPS here!

Ancient Barrows / Cursed Spade Tweaks

  • Significantly reduced ichor costs for crafting (3k -> 300) and augmenting (300 -> 30)
  • Added new key piece, cursed spade head, that demons, mages, and undead drop

Plat Buff Buff

That's not a typo! We're introducing a change to the buyable plat buffs; if the buff goes longer than 24 hours it gets boosted to strength 3 and if it goes longer than a week it gets boosted to strength 4. These boosted strengths last until the buff fully expires, so once you get over a breakpoint it's boosted for the entire remaining duration!

Unorganized Misc. Fixes / Balancing

  • Changes to how combat splotches are handled to help power some userscripts
  • Tweaks + fixes to platinum shop purchases
  • Rewrite of the stat tracking functions + last logged in check
  • Fix chest contents by reference error
  • Various fixes to last update's mobile UI
  • Ice rewrote the enchanting frontend in a bout of passion
  • Embers enchant applies to logs that can roll ranges, but ignores gathering bonus logs
  • Ammo recipes for magic/range adjusted
  • Ammo preserving enchantments now follow a linear formula
  • Redistributed fibers in fishing zones to avoid fiber bottlenecks
  • Updated descriptions of prolonging, endless ammo, rune reserve, and quiver enchantments with "maximum verbosity"
  • Dwarven forge intensity increases should not reduce bar speed as much + gives better xp and refining loot
  • SB items in free slots are not longer penalized by the non-free slots (more xp to jewelry, etc.)
  • Adjusted chisel aug ratios
  • Fixed claiming accounts not saving that they are claimed
  • Essence Concentration slate cost should be represented in UI correctly
  • Food loadout matching should correctly remove mismatched foods before trying to add more food in
  • Reduced padding on buff description headings
  • Show some punishment lengths in notifications
  • Fixed wrong buff strength on sell page
  • Grovekeeper and Ancient Runic Chisel have forced 100% augment chances