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May 08, 2024

Beta 0.19.11

Patch Note


update main image


  • Allow joining/leaving channels with space in the name
  • Max button in item dialog
  • Tooltip delay implemented to reduce flicker
  • Outline to cooking slider
  • Switching zone behavior fixed
  • Fix selecting wrong dungeon key
  • Stop dungeon if the loadout fails, ignore combat check if loadout for dungeons

The Season 2 Playtest is still public and underway, if you haven't checked it out yet feel free to give the new content a shot before it goes live! This remains the focus of our development time until it launches.


  • Added assets for the Dark Magic caster enemies
  • Added assets for the Necromancer set
  • Added a new cosmetic Lich set
  • Filter Heat when clicked in inventory
  • Allow drinking non-healing potions in combat
  • Fix refresh in market sell page
  • Fix aug scaling for non SB
  • Enable re-queueing a dungeon key, ignoring augmentation levels. You can finally run those dozens of keys!