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May 04, 2023

Beta 0.12.5

Patch Note

New Tooltips

update main image

New Tooltips

Tooltips received a new overhaul, with a more modern and compact outlook. No more overflowing tooltips!

You can enable and switch between different Tooltips (and comparison mode) in the Settings. The new Tooltips are disabled (for now) by default. Plan is to make them the default option after a while.

The Tooltips were previously part of Dael's userscripts, but now integrated to the official user interface. Thanks Dael!


  • Fixed an issue causing Idlescape Plus to not renew properly.
  • Performance and minor visual fixes to Landing page.
  • Clicking the Version at the top right corner will now show latest official posts from Idlescape

Thanks a lot for all the feedback both in live server and the playtest one!