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February 21, 2024

Beta 0.19.2

Patch Note

Let Cooks Cook

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Balance Changes

  • Retuned defense XP gain: Decreased XP gained from dealing unmitigated damage by ~25% Decreased XP gained from dealing mitigated damage by ~50% Increased XP gained from taking unmitigated damage by ~25% Doubled XP gained from mitigating taken damage
  • DOTs now award XP
  • Increased minimum hit multiplier for monsters from 1/20 to 1/2, this should make monster damage much more consistent
  • Reverted drop rate nerf for some Dark Fortress uniques that were originally shared with the Dark Vault

Client Changes

  • Cooking and Preparation hooks for scripts
  • Exposed cookingList
  • Added Threat Profile settings, if you want to use your custom threat slider settings there's a new checkbox to use that instead of the profile
  • Added a background to the cooking info to increase legibility
  • SessionStats page now uses proper item components with tooltips and borders woah

Bug Fixes

  • Buff application with caps adjusted
  • Fixed gathering dungeons not getting bonus from sets correctly
  • Show correct buff consumed strength in consume dialogue
  • Fix cosmetics being the wrong data types in some cases and not rendering properly
  • Fixed preparation duration sometimes being incorrect
  • Various leaderboard display fixes
  • Skip buffs at strength 0 that were causing issues
  • Fix a chat UI disconnect issue
  • ChatIcons scale with font-size properly
  • Fixed some ability buff application logic


A lot more Quests and Achievements work has been done, there are several completed progression questlines (augmenting tomes and crafting passive effect replacing the enchant), with some new ways to get rewards from quests also implemented (unlocking crafting recipes, unlocking talents). Quests, Achievements, Talents, and Affixes will probably come together in the next major update once we've parsed all the feedback we've received on affixes and hooked up the rest of the game to the new systems and tested them. Expect playtesting to recommence soon^tm!