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April 09, 2023

Beta 0.12.2

Patch Note

Easter Event and Balancing

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Easter Event - Ending Thursday, April 13th at 3PM UTC

Together with this update there will also be a small Easter Event. We have hidden 20 codes in various places They usually start with # in front of them, with a few exceptions. You will be rewarded with some Event Tokens for every valid code you enter. Happy hunting!


  • Removed Easter Event related stuff
  • Zero Edge actually having the two new abilities mentioned in the previous patch note
  • Potential fix for the duplicate spam posts for spam posts of rare items in chat
  • The ForceFullInventory setting will now send a popup to the offending player as well as name them in the group chat when it blocks an action/dungeon from starting
  • Stamina tooltip now shows your passive heal amount (was gonna be your HP, but the tooltip was not being nice so it goes there instead woo)
  • Added accuracy stat tooltip
  • Loadout tab in combat panel, this makes it accessible for mobile players
  • Mobile players have the currency options defaulted to on so they can actually see all their currency except platinum
  • Scrollcrafting defaults to the necklace option since the components for each scroll are very unoptimized and could make the page unusable for mobile players. If you deselect it and your page freezes, then I blame you instead of our code! :)


  • Fix prolonging being checked twice
  • Runecrafting (weaving) efficiency enchant check doesn't consume stacks
  • Crystal Mace has is more of a hybrid for melee/magic; now has 60 magic req because of new stats
  • Razorfin reworked to have neutral magic affinity and 2 unique abilities, "Ebb" and "Flow", 2 target moderately strong ice attacks
  • Elven King's Longbow has 0.9 magic affinity and 1.5 nature affinity
  • Shapeless Scythe's melee affinity upped to 1.2, magic affinity to 0.9
  • Ancient Trident's melee affinity upped to 0.9
  • Zedge now has neutral magic affinity and 2 new abilities: "Lightning Bolt" which is effectively a fast "Greater" tier magic spell, and "Lightspeed", a self-buff + lightning spell that applies the Acrobatics buff to yourself (33% chance that an attack is sped up by 33%)
  • Moss Maul melee aff from 1.1 to 1.3
  • Empowered Bestial Defender loses greater slash, replaced by bestial camouflage ability
  • Corrupted Lands monsters all have 0.75 lightning defensive affinity
  • Chaos monsters + swordfish have 0.9 lightning defensive affinity
  • Shrimp God has 0.66 lightning defensive affinity
  • VOG no longer has triple elite waves, they're double elite waves starting at diff 9
  • Chaos Giants / Abominations / Voidtouched resistance stat halved, protection stat slightly increased to make magic more capable against them
  • Shrimp God p1 and p2 resistance decreased


  • Merged a bunch of UI fixed and improvements from IceFreez3r!
  • New column in market history with price per item
  • Cost per stack on buy list
  • Sorting of the table works with all fields and ascending/descending buttons
  • Price per item to marketplace history
  • Commas to current lowest price on market value
  • May use affixes like k/m/b for price input fields
  • Some misc UI/CSS improvements from his extension
  • Some backend work/cleanup
  • Fixed some important internal edge case handling for inventories, specifically for deleting of items that are considered invalid
  • Currencies (gold/heat/essence) will always be shown as items in the vault so as to reduce confusion
  • Starting combat difficulty setting actually overrides the default 0 when it's processed

Important Note

Due to some older bugs some of your inventories have been slightly janked up, hence why some of you have consistently run into particular issues that others may not have we have added an option to show currencies (gold, heat, essences) as items in your inventory. This allows you to vault them to either fix too many stacks making your inventories broken or simply to vault them since that has been a requested feature for a while. We have also enabled the /fixInventory (or /fixinv) command which should resolve these too many stacks issues by restacking all the items in your inventory. This is a last ditch resort to fixing your inventory and functions by finding any items with multiple stacks and moving all instances of them into your vault/stockpile. It does not move them back to their original inventory.

Combat Balance + Tweaks

  • You now have a setting to set a starting difficulty; currently max starting difficulty is your highest elite clear in a zone / 2, rounded down. i.e. 10 / 2 = 5, 9 / 2 = 4, etc.
  • When combat difficulty increases your food inventories are refilled from the zone's respective loadout
  • Healing enchantment reworked; instead of decreasing time between passive heals it now boosts the passive heal tick and the amount of health gained from consumables
  • Flamethrower, Krakatoa, and Triple Shot have been changed since they were some of the initial abilities implemented and never had their arbitrarily assigned legacy values updated. Generally speaking, Flamethrower and Krakatoa have been nerfed and Triple Shot has been buffed
  • Hailstorm ability has been added, it is an ice flamethrower attack. It comes from ancient trident/ring/pendant
  • Added Ice Trident ability, it is a strong single target ice attack. It comes from the ancient trident
  • Regenerated a bunch of the AI art for the combat zones. They should look much nicer and much closer to what we originally had in mind!

As part of our work on balancing out the new combat mechanics we decided to look into two major issues:

  1. Getting to a sufficiently high difficulty takes a really long time
  2. Players aren't burning through enough food

To resolve this we've landed on making it so that food can refill and players can select their starting difficulty. This should increase the demand and usefulness of elite scrolls further since they will boost starting difficulty as well as the demand for decent food as players who are pushing difficulties can continue to resupply as the difficulty of the zone increases. This brought up another issue- that of the healing enchantment. Currently it is an incredibly strong non-consumable heal that you simply buy/make once and stick on equipment to have forever. In many cases these passive heals completely invalidate consumable healing.

Other areas we're addressing in this update are the broken legacy values assigned to a few abilities. We've brought them more in line with all the other abilities as well as added a couple new variants that use different affinities.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed edge case that allowed for respawning in combat that explicitly blocks it, i.e. dungeons
  • Junk items now correctly have the junk tag
  • Fix some misc. edge case crashes
  • Fixed the droprates of chaos and corrupted fragments from elite enemies, they should be 10-100x more common to match the other fragments from elites
  • Disabled / Hid auto-vault and auto-tacklebox settings as they are not fully functional and can lead to problems

UI Improvements

  • Ability Tooltips now show more precise information and show how they will perform with your specific equipment + levels
  • Added filters to the ability selection UI because you can get a lot of abilities clogging that menu up with the right combo of gear
  • Combat Zones now have a tooltip that has their description, recommended level range, and recommended style

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Legacy Sorting is now the default option