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April 03, 2024

Beta 0.19.8

Patch Note

Mostly Fixes

update main image


  • Fixed superheating costs and UI droprates now reflect the effects
  • Fix inventories being sorted when they shouldn't be
  • Same items will now stack in chest/loot popups
  • Fix catchup when offline time is fully expended
  • Fix wrong target in combat sometimes
  • Fix NPC DoT/HoT source being incorrectly assigned
  • Fix prepare dungeon UI
  • Fixed softlock during catchup, should now just cancel catchup if it gets stuck
  • Fixed catchup softlock situation if the action goes idle, i.e. out of resources

What have we been up to?

This last week we've been focusing on making lots of recipes a lot more sane in the new systems as well as allow much more granular control of resources used. For example, we're removing a few redundant resources and adding conversion recipes, such as the heavy variant resources in ranged crafting, or adding partial resources like breaking down gems or bars into fractional items that would be used in recipes instead. This way we can use something like 25% of a single gem instead of requiring a full gem for every attempt.

Other areas of progress are Talents! We've been working on designing some unique and powerful talents for y'all to use. Currently there are 60 planned talents so far with 37 of them implemented and in testing.

Here's a bunch of the talent names, you might be able to tell what they do from the names alone:

  • Gathering Master
  • Gathering Grandmaster
  • Dwarven Student
  • Hamster Hunter
  • Melter Smelter
  • Fresh Forager
  • Precision
  • Bound Anger
  • Unbound Rage
  • Infernal Knowledge
  • Careful Critical
  • Unadorned Agility
  • Arsonist
  • Featherweight Fighter
  • Nine-Lives
  • Were-Elf
  • Loaded Dice
  • Augmentation Afficionado
  • Pungent Runes
  • Molten Lava