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August 09, 2023

Beta 0.13

Patch Note

The Big Update^tm

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  • Fixed dangerous encounters getting overridden incorrectly and never being spawned
  • Added missing item properties to linked chat item
  • improved stat tracking + stat tracking UI
  • improved tooltip UI
  • Tweaks to session starting that should make it more consistently successful
  • Smarter food loadout refilling
  • Lots of mobile UI improvements from Silent1-
  • Enchanting
  • Scrollcrafting
  • Runecrafting
  • Cooking
  • Crafting
  • Farming
  • Tooltip
  • Gathering Zone boxes
  • Shrine
  • Combat UI


  • Basic rewrite of session stats UI, minor improvements to status bar, resolve potential edge case where adventurer's boon may not be rolled if you only barely qualify for a shard
  • Added "Ignore Dungeon Update Safety" option to allow yourself to run dungeon / your dungeon queue to continue even if there is an update soon; if you enable this and you fail a run during an update, you will NOT receive a refund on the key barring extenuating circumstances on our end.
  • Slightly changed how we replace saved session sockets; should fix the last logged in check (at least it did locally!)
  • Fixed some logging + backend stuff that should resolve the 'random' desync issues. There may still be logic / code issues that lead to desync, but those are far easier to track and squash.


  • Fixed when canceling disenchanting/unbinding the dialog doesn't reset
  • Display forced enchants on Crafting
  • Fixed UI issue for inventory in one-column view
  • Re-enabled online stattracking and added the /clearstats command. Hopefully it doesn't LAAAGGGGGG
  • Added notifications for talisman unlocked + essence gain
  • DOUBLED crafting req for parrying gauntlets, added defender items as required for master parrying gauntlet (2 different recipes for each piece)
  • Legendary Chisel correctly has 8 enchantment slots
  • Adjusted city waves that could have more active mobs than needed to move to next wave
  • Fixed issues when disenchanting, both by disenchanting an item specifically or attempting to re-enchant it
  • Added Supercooling and Dwarven Engineering scrolls
  • Chisels properly tradeable w/ assigned rarities
  • Can apply soul wisdom to chisels
  • High Performance mode skips the inventory item animations (red/green glows)
  • Rewrote the loggedOut check since it relied on temp code that may no longer be used, should resolve the weird last logged in times

Bringing combat to non-combat since 2021! ... but also non-combat to combat?

Group Changes

  • Groups will now reconstruct + continue the action after a server restart/update
  • Groups that are NOT in an action will not be reconstructed
  • Party members will not be pulled into the group until the leader's session starts (should happen automatically on restart); if a party member starts another action before that happens then the group reconstruct will be cancelled.

Item Changes

New Items

  • Camo Cape - Calming Aura enchanted by default
  • Flamboyant Cape - Danger Zone enchanted by default
  • Small/Medium/Large Bag of Holding - Bag of Holding enchanted by default, every 10 augs upgrades the bag up to its next tier
  • Newbie/Dwarven Adventurer's Bag - Adventurer's Boon enchanted by default
  • Cloak of Many Pockets / the Void
  • Dwarven Manufacturing Pendant
  • Elven Logistics Pendant
  • Legendary Tongs - Dwarven Tongs
  • Legendary Hoe - Elvish Hoe
  • Legendary Ladle - Golden Spoon
  • New Runecrafting tools, Chisels, 3 base tiers + 1 legendary
  • Farming, Smithing, Cooking, and Runecrafting Shards
  • Dwarven Research Key (dungeon key)
  • Heart of the Oak (dungeon key)
  • Abandoned Academy Scroll (dungeon key)
  • Core Fragment, key piece
  • Core Ingot, key piece
  • Ancient Cloth Fragment, key piece
  • Ancient Oak Seed, key piece
  • Void Portal Anchor, legendary gear crafting mat
  • Defunct Golem Core, legendary gear crafting mat
  • Three tiers of craftable parrying gauntlets for Melee

Existing Items

  • Gargoyle gear (including bkgh/bkth) is now tier 6 across the board, comparable to Elven
  • Ladles have been given a tool slot instead of being held in your main hand, if you have one equipped when update goes live it will be unequipped.
  • Greater Imbued Charms combat essence recipe correctly gives more charms compared to other recipe

Enchantment Changes

New Enchantments

  • Engraving: Chance to not consume rune slates while Runecrafting
  • Dwarven Manufacturing: Increases production speed by 20% and material cost by 25%
  • Elven Logistics: Decreases production speed by 25% and material cost by 25%
  • Dwarven Engineering: Gives a chance to massively boost amount gathered in an action
  • Supercooling: Increases chance to mine an item based on its heat cost, favoring low heat items. Has a chance to consume water runes.
  • Bag of Holding: Gives a chance to force the max quantity of a resource while gathering
  • Adventurer's Boon: Gives a chance to produce an additional skilling shard
  • Gatherer's Boon: Increases minimum and maximum gathering ranges by a %
  • Researcher's Boon: Increases shard generation rate by a %
  • Empowered Haste: Separate haste roll that stacks with haste
  • Calming Aura: Halves chance to roll a dangerous encounter while gathering
  • Danger Zone: Doubles chance to roll a dangerous encounter while gathering
  • Resistance: Protection, but for Resistance (+10 resistance per enchantment strength)

Existing Enchantments

  • All Farming related enchantments have been buffed by roughly 2x
  • Essence Concentration: Does not consume as much essence
  • Superheating: Increases chance to gather high heat items, has chance to consume fire runes.
  • Prospector: Massively buffed with enhanced tables.
  • Empowered Superheating: Now Empowered Prospecting
  • Refining: Massively buffed with enhanced tables.

Farming Overhaul

Thanks Ice!

  • New mobile compatible UI
  • Farming Enchantment strengths roughly doubled
  • Place multiple seeds at once by dragging
  • Select multiple plants to change the settings for all of them
  • Mystseeds no longer have a fixed size. Instead you can determine the size while planting, with each tile using one seed. Larger seeds give better loot, but worse XP.
  • The stack size of existing seeds will be adjusted: e. g. a 3x4 seed will be converted to 12.
  • The farming info text was removed. It will come back with some future changes.

New Solo Gathering Dungeons

Sourced from Non-Combat

  • Dwarven Research Station - Sourced from Fishing
  • Nature Atheneum - Sourced from Foraging
  • Abandoned Academy Base - Sourced from Mining
  • As gathering dungeons these encounters benefit heavily from your gathering equipment + enchantments
  • Each dungeon has its own unique boss fight
  • The primary loot of these dungeons are lots of gathering/processing mats related to that dungeon, i.e. dwarven dungeon rewards a ton of fibers and sunken treasures

Dungeon / Key Changes

  • There is now an automatic requeue option so you can easily run dungeons/keys idly.
  • Block running of dungeons within 20 minutes of an update to avoid potential issues
  • Key costs increase by 5% per aug after at +5; testing this out and it may eventually see some new mechanics like making a dungeon become a variant

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Loot announcements are condensed into a single message per player
  • Partial Map price reduced to 150k from 1.5m
  • Mercenaries no longer have the 10% skill and gear stat malus
  • Lots of mathed out drop changes to more loot tables than I can count
  • Update announcements now show in the buff bar with a timer
  • Combat Inventories refill every 50 waves, not just when difficulty increases
  • Fixed when rotations would randomly reset to just the melee auto-attack without an accompanying error

New Command

  • Added the /reloadui (aliases: /ui, /reload) that only resyncs your client state to the server's state. This does NOT reconstruct anything and will not interrupt gameplay. This should be used prior to /clearqueue or /refresh.

Technical Changes

  • Rewriting of various module functions to be a lot more consistent during potential error cases, i.e. server lag. This should result in less desync in some situations.
  • Sessions will no longer be randomly destroyed / reconstructed on another shard; you will be reconnected to your existing session. This will preserve some of the game/player states that are stored solely in memory, such as mercenary status or how some module instances are handled. This will immensely improve quality of play for players who swap devices frequently or have spotty internet connections!

There are an almost innumerable number of minor fixes + QoL throughout the entire game. Seriously, there were like 200+ git commits done for this update. That's a lot.