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June 03, 2024

Beta 0.20.2

Patch Note

Affixing Alterations

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  • Increased minimum action time from 250ms to 333ms because Season 2 is melting the server. If the optimization measures alleviate the issues then I'll drop it back down to 250ms with the next patch
  • Fix scrolls needing more than one per augment
  • Fix some affix related tooltip things
  • Epic tier dust and scrap (Prime Runic Dust and Epic Gear Scraps) are now purple to match the rarity coloration
  • Magic gear consistency- swapped greater and magic cloth names to match the rest of the game. Changed colors of cloth and fibers to match their robes. You may need to clear your cache to see all these changes!
  • Added a new chat setting - "Helper Ping" - this pings you if there are ANY messages sent in the help channel that aren't yours so you can be a very good helper
  • Mobile item tooltip in main dialog
  • Adjusted some backend logs to track bugs betterererest
  • Optimized a few areas that buff madness have exposed as weak points
  • Fix some incompatible enchantments appearing in the shrine
  • Option to turn in the legendary tool keys instead of clearing them. It's still probably best to clear them, they have great rewards!
  • Increased Infernal Lance strength requirement to 85, making it a proper tier 8.5 item; this means it has significantly stronger affix scaling, on par with the scythe

We are aware that shrine is having issues; this is due to lag, we will make the system more robust by next patch!

We are aware the Ancient Cloth Fragment image is broken.

If your client is lagging in S2 check your Settings and turn off "Show Enchantment Procs" and "Show Quest Progress" under Activity Log settings. Turn on High Performance Mode under Miscellaneous. If you are stuck in Catch-Up just hit resume; the buffs are making your characters process as fast as Catch-Up normally is and it's confusing the system.

Affixing Changes

  • New 'Clear Affixes' button when selecting an item in stockpile; allows you to very expensively clear existing affixes off of an equipment piece
  • Overhauled affix stat scaling; now many affixes have their strengths changed depending on the tier of item they are put on. For example, the 'Strong' prefix gives 2 to 5 strength under tier 4, 6-10 for tier 4 to tier 6, and 11-15 for tier 7+. Overall this is a buff and your items will automatically be adjusted to this new system, don't worry!
  • In most cases epic+ tier items will have their affix strengths doubled or more
  • Higher tier items' affix strength floors are generally the cap of the tier below; i.e. if it's a 1-5% range chance to proc something for a common, the epic variant of the affix could be 5%-10% range
  • Split the Dangerous Zone Chance affix into two affixes, one increases chance for dangerous encounters, the other decreases. Current dangerous zone chance affixes will be converted to increasing dangerous encounters since the way the range was calculated it heavily weighed towards increasing rather than decreasing
  • Affix UI will show one more decimal place for most stats so it's easier to compare things. In most cases it will show up to 3 decimal places.

Item Changes

  • Prismatic Jewelry has been made a Tier 8 gear piece for augmenting and affixing, its enchantment slots are unchanged.
  • Black Knight's Gauntlets have been made a Tier 6 gear piece for augmenting and affixing, no enchantment slot change
  • Assigned tiers to gold ring/necklace, naga's bracelet, and titanic guantlets so they can be affixed

UI Changes

  • Fixed mobile quest view
  • Fixed wrong elite scroll icon for fallen academy
  • Fixed cases of the game deciding you were breaking the chat link rules when you weren't
  • Condensed single step quest UI
  • Clarified some misc UI descriptions
  • Scrapping now logs item changes to lootlog

Gameplay Changes

  • Fixed SB removing certain item fields in some cases
  • Fixed affix strength roll conversion calculation error
  • Two-handed weapons give a flat 1.5x strength modifier to their affixes
  • Fix consumption of some buffs being inconsistent
  • Fixed missing health calculation resulting in significantly higher multipliers than intended in some cases
  • Fixed affinity clash calculations that resulted in unintended clash results when affinity differences are large. If you have very negative affinities you will hurt a lot more.
  • Fixed quests using intuition, taxing, and affixes when awarding experience
  • Ability Books can be researched as intended
  • Increased amount of metal slag generated by refining
  • Reduced Dwarven Forge refining chance by ~33% multiplicative
  • Increased Volcanic Forge refining chance by ~50% multiplicative
  • Refining is no longer capped at 100%; if it exceeds 100% it will roll on the excess, i.e. 125% = 100% chance to hit proc refining once, 25% to proc it again in the same action

Technical Changes

  • Cleaned up some group related logic
  • Improved how we generate SB and affixed items
  • Fixed a minor hiscore crash