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November 14, 2023

Beta 0.17.4

Patch Note

New Market UI!

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  • Gold ore removed from lava maze monsters and replaced by burnt fish (last patch, forgot to post it)
  • Prevent creating new market listings and offers below vendor price (old orders will expire in 1 month from listing as usual)
  • Buy offers no longer buy affixed gear
  • Sell listings will sell at a higher price if there's an older buy offer
  • WIP Instance stats display can be accessed, but it's not pretty
Bug Fixes
  • Patience now works correctly for fast attacks
  • Fixed various market bugs

Balance Changes

  • The previously mentioned crafting xp rebalance will be going live, this makes crafting xp across the board far more consistent.
  • Fixed a bug related to defense XP gain and buffed it compared to intended, this should greatly increase xp gain when dodging.

Marketplace UI Changes

Silent has been very busy fixing our legacy and not-so-legacy UI in the Marketplace; you'll find that essentially everything has been improved upon. You can now see other people's buy offers as well as search through all food and potions in a single tab! It should be far more convenient to use now compared to before.


  • Fixed some character counting issues, such as inactive or prior season conditions
  • Fixed some visual issue for items that weren't converted entirely in the last item visual rework
  • A lot of technical fixes for generally unnoticeable legacy UI issues

Upcoming Updates

  • The Talent framework is now fully implemented, this means that we have the ability to design talents and have them save and apply to your characters. Now it just needs a massive design pass where all the talents are implemented and polishing up the UI.
  • The Quest/Achievement framework has had a lot of work done on it to make it nominally implemented, though it still requires a lot of work on both the front and back ends.
  • Equipment balance changes are being considered internally; we're thinking about shifting affinities so that they have less extremes so that hybrid builds will be viable and tank stats of prot/stam would be more relevant than just wearing the correct gear.

November 14th, 2023