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May 18, 2023

Beta 0.12.7

Patch Note

Bugs + QoL

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  • Disenchant and Unsoulbind have been separated into two separate buttons. When you disenchant it also attempts to salvage materials as normal based on the scrolls that make up the enchant, if it exists. When you unsoulbind it will remove all item levels and experience as well as reset the augmentation level to 0.
  • The auto-rotation setting defaults to off and a new button has been added to the UI in case you want to test to see the auto-sort setup without having to use the setting.
  • New setting that checks to make sure mercenaries have access to all their gear and food intended and if not canceling starting combat.
  • Added total healing for food on modern tooltips setting
  • Implemented 'Dungeon Misclick Safety' Setting, it defaults to false. If it's on then when you attempt to start any action from client while running a dungeon/scroll it will block the attempt and send a popup.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed merc check spam
  • Fixed some deleted message bugs
  • Fixed buying the wrong listing
  • Fixed/improved various UI bugs for marketplace things
  • Fixed an inconsistency with ability displays that lead to the wrong abilities appearing in UI even when backend was casting the correct ones
  • Update listing should send the full item back to inventory instead of just base item by ID
  • Fixed taxing enchant
  • Fixed retreating shot having twice the effect it should, leading to some weird targeting behavior since it could drop your threat to 0