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March 13, 2024

Beta 0.19.5

Patch Note

Blue > Gold?

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Progress Update

Next major update progress is coming along nicely; however, everytime a major feature gets completed it becomes obvious that another major feature that works well with that one should probably also get fully implemented so that things don't feel half-baked. This has happened 4 times now! This latest feature creep is going forward with the enchanting rework we've been discussing for nearly a month at this point since there is a fair amount of overlap with it and affixes that smooth out the experience and relieve a lot of pain points in gameplay. Expect some dev-blog teasers when we get around to working on the UI!

Bug Fixes

  • Added some behavior to unstuck players when groups break
  • Friendly abilities always hit, as intended
  • Fix some misc. crafting related issues
  • Don't consume deep fry stacks while prepping
  • Fixed regal might and nature's sanctuary calculations applying to the wrong stats

UI Changes

  • The controversial gold UI for xp has been swapped back to blue.
  • Improved some general shop components; now supports 'enter' to confirm
  • Added information about special scaling costs for augmenting when relevant
  • Fixed hiscores on mobile
  • More topbar changes and improvements
  • Improved vacation token description to note that is a one-time effect consumable

Balance Changes

  • Gave NGIM a bunch more misc. gathering resources from drops
  • Talismans increase rune output by 1

Technical Stuff

  • Began some of the migration for combat stats handling, this is primarily an optimization and technical step
  • Added incremental loot logging, this is an optimization
  • Easter Eggs