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March 28, 2023

Beta 0.12.0

Patch Note

Bug Fixes and Game Balancing

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  • Chaos Crest gets tongs enchantment override slot, down to 3 enchantment slots
  • Disabled some of the stat tracking as some other work in progress systems are causing it to lag the server a lot
  • Fixed an auto-eat issue when server is lagging
  • Minor UI fixes, rounding issues primarily
  • Several item image, description, and stats fixes
  • Mysterious bait now gives between 50 and 200 stats to make it useful
  • Whetstones now benefit from endless ammo enchantment
  • Ammo accuracy multiplier now works as intended
  • Offline progress sorts properly, like chests
  • Massively improved logging for errors related to transactions and buffs

Most of the fixes / additions made it into last week's update in the 0.11.9a-d versions, but here's the remaining set!

Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Added auto-recovery logic to group handling which should resolve potential soft-locks caused by desync
  • Improved Group Chat's handling, should stop leaking into other channels by using the existing ActivityLog handling
  • Fixed issue that caused critical strike to not calculate into stats like other enchantments
  • Sort chest contents by item ID (legacy sorting)
  • Showing player currently registered email in the input box in settings
  • Password recovery process more streamlined + enhanced UI
  • Tool enhancements for mods
  • Centered the button in the loading wheel state when logging into the game
  • Backend improvements for finding faulty code
  • Fixed /help command not working
  • Fixed /discord command not working

Gameplay Changes

  • Obsidian gear can be recycled into obsidian glass at a 1:1 ratio
  • Adjusted/added high difficulty waves so that there are significantly more elite fights while pushing difficulty
  • Added and fixed some descriptions of items
  • Trimmed lots of the group log spam
  • Current Wave or Waves Left, Difficulty shown in the combat heart component instead of in logs
  • Combat Bar update- popup to confirm running away, moved the chicken button, added/updated combat stats tooltips
  • Buffed ranged ammo, added melee whetstones as an optional melee consumable ammo type
  • Slightly increased time to weave fibers (+500ms per tier)
  • UI properly reflects that RC effective level decreases time to RC/Weave
  • Efficiency now works for fiber weaving
  • Significantly decreases the augmenting costs for dungeon keys; they no longer use their relevant fragment in their aug costs
  • Ice Stones (aug mat) renamed to Frost Shards to avoid confusion with Ice Stone (junk)
  • Aqueous Chunks and Frost Shards now drop from Ice Giant + Elite Variant
  • Boars and Wolves now drop crystal scales rarely
  • Elven gear can now be recycled into crystal scales
  • Elven Armor has been renamed to Elven Heavy Armor
  • Elven Light Armor has been added, it is crafted w/ Elven Heavy Armor + Crystal Scales
  • Elven Hat has been renamed to Elven Hood
  • Elven Hat is now a new item, it is crafted w/ Elven Hood + Crystal Scales This is intended to give rangers a proper end-set of gear that affords bonuses to all their specific stats (agil, dex, affinities, etc.)
  • Added the second tier of Ranger's Grace (+40% agil) and Dextrous Shot (+30% dex)
  • Slightly decreased the base effect of Ranger's Grace (+30% agil -> +20%)
  • Conversion recipes between Aqueous Chunks and Frost Shards
  • Basically all endgame uniques have crafting recipes now; both the base item and their crafting material drops in combat so a portion of the unique items have to consume some gathered materials to become a usable piece of equipment, adding some more demand for high end gathering materials