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December 05, 2023

Beta 0.17.7

Patch Note

Lots of Fixes, Big Things Soon

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  • Added private message history retrieval on page refresh; defaults to 1 hour and can go up to 128 hours
  • Added various anchors in the UI for scripts to use
  • Added the Eyes of Chaos and Forgotten Platelegs cosmetics
  • More base talismans to giants keep drop tables but a little less junk to compensate


  • Fixed item log using the wrong default value for showing some text when maximized vs minimized
  • Made marketplace offers consistently called offers instead of sometimes orders
  • Fixed being able to attempt to edit other people's market stuff
  • A bunch of misc marketplace UI fixes
  • Potential fix for healing icon in status bar getting stuck
  • Various fixes to user action queue functionality to bring it more in line with expected behavior + fix some edge cases
  • Adjusted inferno to increase max count every 25%
  • Loadouts equip after skipping an action properly
  • Prevented some negative values that broke looting in fishing
  • Difficulty applies to user action queued combat properly
  • Added popup to your marketplace offer
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when certain information is expected from deleted characters
  • Fixed empowered haste being double counted in some UI elements
  • Fixed undefined buff array in status bar
  • Removed some time conversion confusion
  • Fixed elder focus cost / crafting xp cost
  • Fix single plat buff not showing donator name
  • Fix some issues regarding guest account claiming
  • Store last active tab in local storage to make the browser remember things


We've moved to the testing stage of the skilling affixes! Soon^tm!!

December 5th, 2023