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April 04, 2023

Beta 0.12.1

Patch Note

More Fixes, More Balancing, Some QoL

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  • Adjusted the scaling of monster offensive stats from difficulty, it should scale roughly half as fast it does on 0.12.1 release
  • Fixed Group Chat by finding the annoying field that wasn't being set properly and setting it!
  • Fixes to the half-baked activity log overhaul, should now actually work as intended. May still be missing some cases where a filter should apply but the log doesn't know what the message type is so it never filters it.

Bug Fixes

  • Settings should now finally be fixed and persist properly. They should even work based on what you have set before this update hits live! This has been a frustrated little bug to finally track down.
  • Activity Log filter level setting has been replaced by the old system of having several individual logs that you can enable or disable. These are partially implemented and will require your help to note where a setting should apply but it doesn't.
  • Reduced server load in general
  • Fixed some potential augmenting transform edge cases
  • Increased the number of times the server will attempt to handle buffs/inventory changes from 2 times to 5. This may help with changes failing without any particular error on the game logic side.

Balance Changes

A lot of combat related balance changes are coming with this update:

  • Food cannot be added to any combat instance that is already running except on a respawn. This also fixes a few issues related to this + unnecessary messages that popup because of it.
  • Elite waves have had a frequency adjustment. All zones should now scale to roughly difficulty 15 with elites starting rarely at around difficulty 5 and becoming 1/3 to 1/2 of the waves seen by difficulty 15.
  • Combat Difficulty has been adjusted- see below.
  • Combat drops have been adjusted. Non-elite enemies will generally not drop a complete item, whereas elites will commonly drop the complete and shard versions of the item. Overall the drops of elites have been massively buffed across the board; math puts the drops as being worth the kph hit while pushing difficulty up until about difficulty 25.
  • Overgrown Map crafting requirement has been changed to be 6 map pieces + 3 scrolls.
  • Eye of the Storm key → Renamed to "Ancient Prism", cost reduced to 4 + 300 aquamarines
  • Maelstrom key → Renamed to "Captive Chaotic Prism", cost reduced to 4 + 300 aquamarines + 100 chaotic crystals
  • Wrath and War weapon buffed

Quality of Life

  • There is now a location selection panel when editing loadouts. You can just select which loadout it should relate to instead of the weird start action to toggle loc.

Combat Difficulty Adjustments

TL;DR = Difficulty is much less effective HP, some more accuracy and damage

  • Reduced monster HP scaling (new effective scaling is about half as strong as previously), new formula = base * ((1 + 0.1) ^ diff + 0.25 * diff)

  • Monster prot/res now scales at +1% per diff, which is basically nothing

  • Monster attack mastery now scales ~3x faster than other monster masteries (3.33% of monster attack additionally gets added as attack mastery)

  • Monster damage masteries (str/magic/range) now scale 2x faster than other monster masteries (2% of monster skills turn into masteries, i.e. at diff 5 a strength 100 enemy now has strength 100 + strength mastery 10)

  • Monster damage from gear (str/dex/int) now scales 2x faster than before (+20% per diff)

  • Monster agility now scales 1.5x faster than other monster defensives (better make acc scrolls!)

  • Each level of difficulty gives a 1% chance to double loot and a 0.1% chance to triple loot

  • Enrage timer is reduced by 7.5 seconds per difficulty, capped to 60 seconds as minimum enrage timer