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October 24, 2023

Beta 0.17.1

Patch Note

Season 1 Week 2

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Happy second week of the season, hope you're having fun with affixes! There's not a huge list of technical fixes this week because of the several maintenance patches that went through last week and hopefully we won't need that many this week, but I'm not holding my breath.

New Cosmetics

  • Night Walker - Helmet Skin - A spooky deer skull helmet
  • Celestial - Full Transmog - Become a celestial with a very fancy celestial cape

Platinum Buff Changes

The following buffs have been added for platinum purchase:

  • Empowered Prospecting
  • Empowered Gathering
  • Fertilizing
  • Root Digging
  • Runecrafting
  • Cooking
  • Shrimplord

Affix Changes

  • Affixes are now split by rarity in the UI
  • Affixes are now shown on the item in inventory in the bottom right hand corner of the item box
  • Crafting Runic Dust now results in 2 dust instead of 1, wow!

UI Changes

  • Equipment items have all the info shown in the item box like the inventory
  • Updated our character model to a new fancy one that has literally been sitting around for a year or so before getting the incredibly minor adjustments it needed work in our janky legacy character renderer
  • Seasonal gamemodes got their level colors, they're shades of purple!

Game Bug Fixes

  • Fixed loadout loading issues
  • Seasonal ironmen have access to the ironman general shop items

Other Changes

  • Frost Flowers now have the supercooling enchantment
  • Frost Flower and Black Berry stats adjusted

Technical Stuff - tl;dr user scripts stuff and less lost time from bugs

  • Ice has brought back the discord chatbot so staff can talk from discord to general!
  • Exposed affix, crafting req, and augmentation req lists to client, this is mostly important for userscripts
  • Upped the hardcap for catch-up time from 5 minutes to 30 minutes; if this doesn't cause any issues it may get increased further to essentially force the server to never lose your intended offline time even if it has to speed simulate everything on login
  • (Hopefully) fixed a deadlock that's caused the remaining server crashes + looking into some better auto-recovery solutions in the inevitable case more crashes get hit
  • Better handling of unexpected timeouts for resources in backend; the offending session will try to recover a few times before being terminated without causing grief to non-broken sessions that aren't having issues with those resources

October 24th, 2023 hi!