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July 04, 2023

Beta 0.12.14

Patch Note

Bug Removal Service

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Once the server stops burning we will be focusing heavily on the next big update since it includes a fair amount of content, the systems that power that content, as well as many various technical improvements across the entire codebase.


  • Adjusted the leniency of the inventory interactions to handle errors, should allow stack size to increase even if there was a hiccup
  • Minor cleanup/refactoring for technical improvements, ported in from the next big work in progress update


  • Lots of handling (notifications for clients) when a transaction has issues, at the module level
  • Adjusted how auto-recovery happens so it doesn't immediately do it on first error
  • Handled for negative stack-sized item
  • UI fixes for various item + loadout issues
  • Fixed cooking pot reconstruction using some random dude's inventory lmao

You can login with either your account name or your verified email now.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that led to accounts being unable to be claimed by email properly
  • Abilities can no longer be learned in combat to keep player rotations from resetting when updating known/learned abilities
  • Fixed a transaction failed error when attempting to sell junk when none are present in inventory
  • Cooking pot is now reconstructed from database when it errors out so it should no longer be stuck until a /refresh
  • Players can no longer join a party that is busy
  • Commands can no longer be sent in group chat to reduce problems related to issuing commands
  • Shrine high score table has had some of its old UI undeleted
  • Keys/Scrolls that are selected in the combat UI then removed from stockpile will be unselected in the combat UI
  • Marketplace history date now has some spacing to keep it from becoming illegible in some cases
  • Fixed the nimble description
  • Fixed enchantments that are supposed to take from ammo pouch not doing it
  • Scholar description updated to reflect the item destruction
  • Prevent multiple invites from the same player
  • Fixed some combat fields not being reset on death in some cases
  • Fixed being able to send marketplace listings into non-trade or non-custom channels
  • INFO should now only post to general + league general and help channels
  • Mastery announcements should now be functional
  • Single size fish recipes should now properly give burnt fish and fish oil

Quality of Life

  • Fishing Node UI text legibility increased
  • Equipment can now be searched for by their slot
  • Marketplace prices have been monospaced to make it easier to read and compare
  • Can now clear loadout selection in the combat UI
  • Learn Ability option is disabled if the player has already learned it
  • Cooking UI now displays both the chance to burn and the actual recipe difficulty


  • Soulbound XP rate for accessories increased by ~30%
  • Yew Recurve Bow crafting level increased from 27 to 29 because its required ammo is a level 28 craft
  • When a snowball chat text says the player has caught it a snowball is now added to their inventory

What's happening next

The content and UI overhauls are still in progress and will be entering the testing stage soon! Keep an eye out for teasers posted in the #dev-blog channel.