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October 10, 2023

Beta 0.16.1

Patch Note

Season 1 Soon^tm

update main image

when season 1???

While technically Season 1 is ready for live, our initial feedback on the systems have been that it needs some more polish and balancing before it goes out to the rest of the playerbase as a whole. We have some plans to address these issues so Season 1 will go live next Tuesday instead and will run until February 1st of next year and it will be the primary test bed for some potential polarizing features before we determine if they are something we want on the main leagues or should stay in seasons instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Torn Banner can now properly drop
  • Potential fixes for some flickering issues in Firefox
  • Loot log string placeholder fixes
  • Character count coloration fixes
  • Navigation links in system-message support
  • Rebalanced and fixed Dwarven Forge issues, added refining proc to UI
  • Runecrafting Dwarven/Elven changing output mistakenly

99% of this update is backend work or features that aren't accessible unless you're on a seasonal character.