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June 20, 2023

Beta 0.12.12

Patch Note

New Cosmetics, Slight Rebalancing, and Technical Changes

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Balance Changes

  • No more search penalty when switching nodes. Instead, the first node will always be the standard non-specialized node.

New Cosmetics

  • The 'Gift of the Lightning King' and 'Fresh Off the Island' cosmetics are now available for purchase at 3500 and 800 platinum, respectively. The first overrides your base skin layer, the latter gives your character a beard and eyebrows.

New Token

  • You can now purchase Item Rename Tokens for 300 platinum.

Technical Stuff

  • Some significant changes to how we handle some inventory transactions. This should make it more robust at handling edge error cases that cause desyncs as well as give us a lot more information regarding what may have caused that error.
  • Adjustments to canceling actions in progress to reduce potential error cases if resources are being accessed in multiple modules at once


  • Fixed the message when being invited to someone's group
  • Adjusted rarity of combat unique item shards