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June 06, 2023

Beta 0.12.10

Patch Note

Small Update, Back On Schedule

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This is a small update to get us back on the Tuesday schedule.

UI Fixes

  • Fixed double line on enchanting skilling books for Legacy Tooltips
  • Fix crash when selecting "Open Marketplace Listings"

Combat Fixes

  • Fixed monsters not using their rotations properly because of overlap from priority rotation changes
  • Fixed Sylvan Staff not announcing

What's coming

  • We're (mostly Ice) in the process of rewriting the Farming UI / backend. It's a night and day difference and 100% worth the time and effort being put into it. Again, thanks Ice!
  • Continued work is happening behind the scenes for the next planned content expansion / balance pass. There's a lot in it and it'll definitely flesh out parts of the game that may seem a little bare at the moment. Yes, it's for more than Combat!