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December 12, 2023

Beta 0.17.8

Patch Note

Intermediary Patch until Next Big Update

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  • Fixed some crashes, exploits, and minor UI issues

Skilling Affixes are coming next week

We're currently ironing out the remaining bugs on the private test server and expect things to be ready by next week! Since most of our focus is there this will be a relatively small update.

Balance Changes

  • Normalized elite scroll drops across zones and gave elites their respective scrolls to drop, meaning you'll get more scrolls dropped as you push difficulty

UI Tweaks

  • Social UI got updated to the new standard, fixing a lot of hardcoded values and redundant styling stuff
  • Messages sent to General from Discord are now white to make it easier to tell the difference
  • Changed some inputs to use compact amounts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some more character joining chat channels issues
  • Improved the hiscore icon checks
  • Merc actions start immediately after respawning
  • Fixed resurrection proc
  • Prevented some invalid inputs in various UI components