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January 31, 2024

Beta 0.19.0

Patch Note

Post-Season Huge Update

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  • Obsidian equipment now grants tier 4 item XP in augmenting, up from tier 2
  • Elite scrolls grant tier 1 item XP in augmenting, up from 0
  • Dungeon keys grant tier 2 item XP in augmenting, up from 0
  • Fixed checks for nigh-invincibility, cleanse and corrosion
  • Royal Elven set bonus now properly applies when you dodge, not when you miss
  • Fixed weird interactions with Forge Enhancement/Maintenance
  • Mushrooms are now tagged as bitter and chili peppers are now tagged as spicy, primarily for NGIM
  • Infernal Dust given value for UI checks
  • Cooking is faster for smaller sizes
  • Food generally heals a bit more
  • Increased difficulty for some ingredients for better XP rates
  • Moved size of essence to vials/pots
  • Alternate recipe for Dark Vault dungeon key added
  • Ran the crafting XP script to update some items
  • Fix some crashes related to supercooling/heating
  • Added a location for prepping in cooking for loadout purposes
  • Smithing progress bar shown on first action
  • Hooked up Cooking progress bar
  • Symphony of Souls can now be augmented
  • Monsters in UI get cleared when not in Combat


Some bug fixes and oversight fixes:

  • Cooking pot fixes
  • Smithing UI crash fixed
  • ID Crystal asset
  • Prismatic aug bonuses looked at again and generally buffed
  • Fixed some items that incorrectly used the Void Anchor assets
This isn't an exhaustive list because so much changed and I honestly lost track, but all the major changes are listed (I hope)!


Several combat formulas and systems have been reworked:

  • Passive heal removed entirely, all passive heal boosts now effect healing from food / other sources
  • New player HP formula: massively increased base player HP pool and more impact from stamina
  • Changed accuracy formula, effectively reducing overall accuracy of everything and increasing the effectiveness of agility
  • Some dungeons have a new 'reinforcement' system during boss fights; the boss may summon very weak monsters to taunt and draw aggro.


  • Most lower tier magic abilities no longer require any runes to cast
  • Gave legendary weapons and some epics unique auto-attacks with greatly enhanced stats as well as several new weapon specific abilities to synergize with otherwise unused stats. Most epic / legendary weapons have have their secondary/tertiary stats buffed as well.
  • Added more monster group de/buff abilities that are primarily distributed to elites or role specific enemy types
  • Blood Offering - Learned from ability book, Deal a decent amount of typeless damage at the cost of reducing your defenses momentarily
  • Blood Sacrifice - Learned from ability book, Deal a lot of typeless damage at the cost of massively reducing your defenses momentarily
  • Lesser/Greater Miasma - necromancer poison AOE DOT
  • Decaying Grasp - necromancer poison single target DOT
  • Lingering Flame - fire orb flame AOE DOT
  • Gaia Strike - blunt + nature moss maul single target
  • Earthquake - blunt + nature moss maul AOE
  • Chaotic Slash - enhanced auto for scythe
  • Riptide - enhanced auto for trident
  • Necromancer's Touch - enhanced auto for necromancy set
  • Shrimp Crack - enhanced auto for shrimp whip
  • Shrimp Bolt - enhanced auto for shrimp scepter
  • Nature's Nocking - enhanced auto for elven king's longbow
  • Infernal Puncture - enhanced auto for infernal lance
  • Flaming Fist - enhanced auto for khaast


  • Added "Infernal" set for Melee. It's a T7 epic set that is the upgrade to Gargoyle. It is crafted from materials found in the new Dark Vault dungeon.
  • Added "Royal Elven" set for Range. It's a T7 epic set that is the upgrade to the standard Elven set. It is crafted from materials found in the existing Elder Ruins dungeon.
  • Added "Symphony of Souls" the empowered variant of the Chorus of Souls. It is created by augmenting the Chorus with a guaranteed transform at a certain aug level.
  • Added "Reinforced Cape" a low level craftable cape option, it is taking the old Decayed Cloak's basic defensive stats.
  • Decayed Cloak now possesses +20% offensive poison affinity and +50% defensive poison affinity
  • Moss Maul has received a nature stat buff and a couple new nature themed abilities.
  • Infernal Lance is now classified as a Legendary rarity item
  • Zero Edge got improved abilities
  • Gargoyle Armor CAN transform into Infernal


  • The Dark Vault has been added as a new dungeon. The materials to craft the key drop in the Enchanted Armory. It is a level 75+ dungeon that contains two new monsters; the boss and its reinforcement summons.
  • Maelstrom boss now has the reinforcement summon mechanic.
  • Another pass of monster abilities and stats to make them align more with the strengths and weaknesses of their location, specifically for abilities used.

Set Bonuses

  • Protective Plates nerfed: Old = 10% prot and stam per level; New = 7.5% prot per level
  • Ranger's Grace nerfed: Old = 20% agility per level; New = 10% agility per level
  • Dextrous Shot reworked: Old = 15% dex per level; New = 5% chance to preserve range ammo and 2.5% dex per level
  • Wizard's Wisdom reworked: same as dextrous shot, but for magic/int
  • Elder's Elegance reworked: Old = 30-45% int/dex/agil; New = 5-10% nature affs, 15-30% magic/range accuracy, 15-30% agil
  • Valley's Vigor reworked: Old = 15% more stamina; New = 15% more stamina AND 5% ice/nature/fire def aff, now has a 50% chance for consumed food to heal 25% more with 25% more stacks
  • Nigh-Invincibility reworked: Old = 25% stam/res/prot; New = 10% stam/res/prot, Enhances Parry to block 100% of damage parried instead of only 75%, Generates 25% more passive threat, Increase self-buff abilities by 2 strength, Increase team-buff abilities by 1 strength, Increase enemy debuff stacks by 25%
  • Bestial Fury reworked: Old = 25-50% agil, 10-20% str, 5-10% dex; New = 10-20% agil, 10-20% chance to decrease attack delay by 25%
  • Infernal Strength reworked; renamed to Gargoyle's Gift: Old = 7.5 more str per level, now gives 3% and 2% melee aff per level
  • Nature's Blessing reworked: Old = +20% int, +10% prot/res; New = Increase strength of de/buffs by 2, Increase healing given by 300%, Increase nature affinities by +25%, Gives a 25% on friendly buff to also give 3 stacks of Healing 1
  • Living Death reworked: Old = 30-60% int, 15-30% res; New = Increase enemy de/buff strength by 2-4, Increase damage dealt by DOTs by 150-300%, Increase speed of DOTs by 25-50%, Increase poison affinities by 33-66%
  • (NEW) Royal Reverence from Royal Elven gear: +20-30% agility, 2-3% chance on dodge to gain acrobatics buff (faster attacks)
  • (NEW) Infernal Strength from Infernal gear: +10% str, increase damage dealt by 1% for every missing % of HP, increase fire affinities by 10%


  • Convergence, Force enchantment but for int
  • Finesse, Force enchantment but for dex
  • Demon Skin has been buffed; it can either reduce damage by 9 or by 2% per strength, whichever reduces damage taken more



Cooking has been reworked! There are now stages to cooking to spread out the skill and hopefully make it more intuitive and less jumbled.

  • Preparation: Prepare ingredients into their basic components. You simply process the various ingredient items into a much smaller and easier to work with set of components.
  • Cooking: Select a recipe, strength, and optional buff ingredient.
  • Alchemy: Select the target buff and strength to make the lowest tier version of a potion. Re-process the potion to upgrade its tier/rarity.


  • Smithing, Runecrafting, and Cooking now have full item sets made from shards and materials from the skilling dungeons
  • Prismatic Jewelry now give effective skilling levels per aug. GatheRING!


  • Crucible, increases smithing input and output by 1%; increases heat cost by 1.5% instead of 1%
  • Forge Enhancement, increases the positive attributes of a forge by 1%
  • Forge Maintenance, decreases the negative attributes of a forge by 1%
  • Fibrous Fabrication, 2% chance per strength to not consume fiber while weaving
  • Leftovers, gives chance to find special ingredients while cooking
  • Blitzing, prepare more in cooking at once


  • Experience Gained is now based on item tier, not item enchantment slots.
  • We are NOT changing the augmenting formula right now, this will come at a later date with other augmenting related changes.

Other Stuff

  • TONS of UI improvements from Silent and Ice
  • Rewards for the first Season - you will receive tokens based on your total level and mastery levels achieved. If you got into the top 20 of ANY hiscore board you will receive bonus tokens with a huge bonus if you are in the top 3.
  • The Event Shop has received new stock! A few platinum tokens as well as a handful of new buffs
  • Affixes are NOT coming until they are in a form we think will actually be fun without being massively OP. There is a feedback form you can send your thoughts in to us ingame!