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October 16, 2023

Beta 0.17.0

Patch Note

Season 1 Launch

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  • Fix master hiscore XP display
  • Moved XP into the panel in affixes
  • Elite Damage multiplier affix given 5 specific slots to roll on instead of being a generic
  • Cooking available attempts also looks at heat
  • Loadouts are now affix aware (you will need to remake affixed loadouts + resave everytime you reroll!)
  • number.toLocalString now uses 'en-us' formatting
  • Fixed issue with pre-season chat having the same channel ID as season 1, causing some channel joining issues
  • Fixed unintentional negative affixes in multipliers
  • Fixed some node issues in foraging with enchantments

User Defined Action Queue Handling Changes

Massive rework to some user defined action queue handling: if an action fails it will skip to the next one, so you can queue up an hour of mining then half an hour of smithing and it will either smith that whole half an hour or end prematurely if out of materials then return to mining, repeating as intended. This means that the queue will run on repeat until your offline timer is exceeded, or if you have the game open it will run infinitely. This should make it MUCH more useful.


  • Runic Dust and Gear Scraps are now tradeable
  • Format changes from last patch now on legacy tooltips
  • Improved logging for some bugs
  • Resolved some race conditions when attempting to consume dungeon/elite keys; this should fix the currently most prominent cause of erroneously consumed keys
  • Dust drops distributed to all scrolls and dungeons: all rarities can be dropped from all scrolls and dungeons. The base chance is the same: 50% / common, 40% / uncommon, 30% / rare, 20% / epic, 10% / legendary. The amount of dust dropped scales based on the difficulty of the dungeon with high variability.
  • Fixed rounding issue with max health and some affixes
  • Fixed affinity bonus not applying with some affixes


  • Runecrafting stacks only consumed while RCing, not weaving
  • Fixed some error cases where affixes may be lost, i.e. soulbinding/transforms
  • Slowmode properly works in seasonal trade channel
  • Fixed joining chat channels
  • All affixes should be implemented correctly
  • Updated affix tooltip to be easier to read
  • Runecrafting category added to crafting

Season 1 is not 1.0

Season 1 will be live on October 17th, 2023 at 3PM UTC and end on February 1st, 2024.

Season 1 will feature two modes, the standard marketplace enabled mode and an ironman mode (not NGIM, sorry!) and will be focused around an accelerated XP progression and AFFIXES. There is a quick guide at the bottom of this post by Feylos if the quick FAQ doesn't answer everything.

What are Affixes?

Affixes are modifiers, like enchantments, that apply various stat boosts or have special chance based effects that can be put onto nearly any equipment item. As of the Season 1 launch these effects are focused purely on combat, though other affixes and types are planned! There are roughly 80 affixes varying from common, basic stat boosts to legendary effects like passive life steal or damage reflect.

How do we get Affixes?

You can get affixes in the Runecrafting tab by spending Runic Dust to generate a set of affixes and their strengths on an item, scaling based on the rarity of the item and the strength of the affix. Runic Dust can be generated slowly as a secondary drop from combat related activities, or specifically targeted to generate quickly through a gathering/processing gameplay loop. Combat will produce only about 10% of the dust that gathering/processing does, so get ready to engage in multiple skills!

What if I don't like an Affix I roll?

You can reroll the strength of an affix, but if you want a completely new one you'll need an entirely new item. You can salvage the existing item to produce Gear Scraps which scale by rarity and are used in the rerolling process.

Everything else

  • Added assets for the Lumberjack set
  • Added assets for the Camo Cloak
  • Fixed a plethora of UI issues
  • Adjusted rarity of several items
  • Made chat channel handling for default channels more robust
  • Introduced league/season specific trade channels, this will primarily be for the default league and season 1 marketplace enabled
  • Rewrote the character online counter because it was really old and didn't account for NGIM / Seasons
  • Changed the plat price for buffs- you now get twice as much buff for your plat woo
  • Fix runecrafting buff stack consumption

What's next?

With the bulk of the work being focused on Season 1 lately, we will now be free to pursue more fixes and tweaks for the existing game content. That said, we will also be extended support for affixes and introducing new season specific mechanics or content as the season progresses, so keep an eye open for announcements!

Affix Quick Guide by Feylos