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January 10, 2024

Beta 0.18.2

Patch Note

Bug Squashing + UI!!!

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Silent and Ice have been very busy working on squashing bugs and implementing some fun new UI features for y'all this past week!

Bug Fixes:

  • Don't bring merc to different zone with user queue
  • Send better error notification for starting an action when not the leader
  • Fixed email verification and updated some standards
  • Status Bar improvements, such as 'Respawning...' being stuck
  • Fix some transform message jank
  • Fix some login page issues
  • Fix some chat channel commands
  • Fixed some marketplace channel issues
  • Fixed some broken item images
  • Show fishing stats even without bait

User Interface Additions:

  • Chat Size setting reimplemented
  • Clear chat input button
  • Open market listing in dialogue
  • Buy order chat links
  • Show Queue status in Status Bar
  • Open event shop from event token dialogue
  • Made character creation clearer
  • Market history filters + more detailed history
  • Added batch move for items between vault, history, and tabs (woo!)
  • Add up location count on combine


  • Snowballs limited to 10 per channel per minute