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October 31, 2023

Beta 0.17.2

Patch Note

Action Queue UI + Fixes and Stuff

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User Action Queue

A new basic UI has been added to the sidebar to give you access to the user action queue where IS+ subscribers and those who have purchased the relevant platinum tokens can define a set of actions to do automatically with some conditions. Scroll to the bottom to see an example of the UI.

Balance Changes

  • Affixing dust cost drastically reduced
  • Affinity related affixes min and maxes buffed
  • Root digging now mentions it requires earth runes
  • Root digging now drops multiple mysterious seeds when the seeds roll

UI Stuff

  • New CombatAvatar renderer that should fix some legacy issues regarding resizing or missing/invisible assets
  • Better season chat level colors
  • Loadouts now show if an item is equipped (blue), in stockpile/vault (green), or not found (red) by a colored border. Scroll to the bottom to see an example.
  • Added thorn damage assets
  • Star properly appears on reduced effect rolls at their reduced maximum
  • Can search for item rarity
  • Parrying gauntlets get new assets
  • Improved bestiary UI; now shows what scroll is needed to level it
  • Clarified taxes description to clarify that the junk chance cannot exceed 100% to attempt to double the drops
  • Max HP in stats display improved
  • Updated some guides from Feylos
  • Fixed necromancer's cowl having weird placement/size

Bug Fixes

  • Platinum store prospecting buff replaced by empowered prospecting
  • Some fixes to affix rolling edge cases
  • Merc loadout properly grabs affixed items when necessary
  • Account bound cosmetics fixed
  • Fixed some thorns related shenanigans
  • Fixed profile cosmetic saving
  • Made action inputs more consistent w/ new locking
  • Fixed necro having a range instead of magic tag
  • Fixed global buff issues
  • Force platinum buffs to never be in the past
  • Defined scroll ID fields for a few enchantments, fixes some disenchanting/salvaging issues
  • Fix mastery xp in level bar / utils

Example Action Queue UI:

Example loadout border coloring:

October 31st, 2023! Happy Halloween!