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November 28, 2023

Beta 0.17.6

Patch Note

added phrog

update main image

Patch Notes

  • Start combat directly from the zone menu, enable in prep screen
  • Equipment can be equipped from the slot similar to cosmetics
  • Experience is now tracked in the loot log
  • Loot log can be switched to per hour rates
  • Buy orders can now be created and updated from market listings
  • Tiered set bonuses are combined in the tooltips
  • Legacy tooltips are more compact
  • Added phrog

Balance Changes

  • Enrage now applies the full 2% armor pen per level (from 2% of 15% or 0.3%) 100% success rate for all scrollcrafting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Elder Staff crafting cost
  • Fixed enraged mobs giving unincreased damage as defense exp
  • Fixed affixed gear turning red in loadouts
  • Various market fixes


Almost all the skilling affixes are in with all the relevant rewrites generally done. Testing + UI next woohoo