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June 01, 2023

Beta 0.12.9

Patch Note

UI, Balance, Bugs

update main image

UI Related

(Thanks, Ice!)

  • Platinum to increase icon UI fixed / refined
  • Fix close button behind preview in plat shop
  • Fixed market showing server time instead of local time
  • Fix buff stack rounding issues
  • Add UI hint when monsters still have more loot to unlock
  • Adjusted merc health appearance to be more readable
  • Fix 'ghost items' in bestiary loot entries
  • Remember scrolling position on marketplace overview when viewing an item
  • Personal leaderboard fixes
  • Dropdowns for combat zones

Balance Related

  • Most melee 2h weapons now have increased hit multipliers that will generally increase their effectiveness quite a bit.
  • Shapeless Cleave buffed
  • Living forest drops less apples and more bananas
  • Fixed inversion of AOE damage

Technical Stuff

  • We're still in the process of doing a lot of clean up of the backend, but there should already be some noticeable changes to the player experience because of them, such as improved error handling for inventories that should help reduce the number of inventory transaction errors.
  • There may be bugs inadvertantly introduced due to the cleanup but the cleaning should result in far quicker fixing.