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April 25, 2023

Beta 0.12.4

Patch Note

Shapeless Update

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New Item

  • Intended to begin pushing group combat to support more support roles, the Sylvan Staff is a new item that has been introduced to give magic support players access to more tools to keep their parties in the fight.
    • Will be released in next week's update

New Cosmetics

  • The Shapeless Bow and Shapeless Staff have been added as new cosmetics

Quality of Life

  • Can now filter by item set names in inventory
  • Filtering of player auctions on the sell page

Balance Changes

  • Wealth and Scholar have been returned to their former glory, sort of! They have been reverted to 20% per strength except now they do not stack on top of each other.
  • Halved effectiveness of the Soul Stealing buff (0.1 to 0.05)
  • Chorus of Souls ability overhaul: Lesser Soul Steal to Corrupted Soul Steal, added 2 new abilities, 'Wailing Souls' and 'Blinding Souls' that apply debuffs
  • Implemented several existing combat debuffs
  • Greatly increased the chance of getting an Elder Stone, now also drops from elder ruins itself (aug item for elven quivers and ring of taxes)
  • Greatly increased aug bonuses for elven quivers as they had disproportionately expensive augmentation costs for effectively no stat gain
  • Magic Forgotten Soul attack speed slowed from 2.1 to 2.3
  • Eye of the Storm and Maelstrom keys have alternate recipes that are just 10 of their key pieces with no gathering materials
  • Each physical melee damage type now has a secondary default ability, as in when you equip an item that is melee and has affinity for that damage type it will be added as an available ability as if the weapon granted it: Piercing gets 'Bleed'- an entry level DOT ability, Blunt gets 'Daze'- a debuffing attack that applies the Stun debuff, and Slashing gets 'Cleave'- a basic 2 target AOE
  • Bestial Fury set bonus needs 3 pieces for full strength, 2 gives half; strength bonus increased, dex bonus reduced
  • Enrage gives a flat +2% armor pen, if they reach 100% damage they will start doing bonus damage (though by that point your party has probably been wiped)

Bug Fixes

  • A proper fix for duplicate spam posts in client chat components
  • Shrine buffs should properly randomize each week and reset its progress
  • Mobile marketplace UI fixed for Safari users.
  • Fixed some augmenting bonus edge cases, such as items not getting the bonuses if they did not have it as a base stat initially
  • Links in chat clickable again
  • Server Time clock now correctly shows 24h format, depending on your locale/settings


  • Improvement to some mod tools / tracking
  • Client game data (item list, location list, other lists) exposed for script makers for ease of script creation
  • Other misc. script focused edits to UI
  • Removed some script generated tags on items that didn't need them
  • Renamed the Eye of the Storm and Maelstrom dungeon keys due to popular demand
  • Added extra information to Active Character Token

Huge thanks to the Community Contributors that have been helping us get this update and future updates developed!

  • Blue names go BRRRRRRR

Future Things

We will begin playtesting upcoming major features that will have a huge impact on the game's balance as well as playtest to iron out existing balance issues. Keep an eye out for this! This will be a closed and small scale playtest compared to the most recent TS Playtest, so restrictions may apply to those who wish to be involved.