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September 11, 2023

Beta 0.14.0

Patch Note

Pre-Season Fun

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  • Fixed buy max setting value to 0
  • Fix a backend crash
  • Can update marketplace listing without the same item in inventory


  • Fixed loot table overhaul causing some strange behavior, esp. with mining tables (i.e. only 1 ore type dropping)
  • Fix crash when closing whispers
  • Fix sharing items from equipment page
  • Fix crash when attempting to share a listing when not in the default trade channel
  • Fix open in marketplace not working
  • Fix some bracket errors
  • Fixed tab filter buttons not applying to only show specific selected tabs
  • More misc backend things


  • Fix a few client crashes
  • Update /rules to go to official rules page instead of wiki
  • New ancient air talisman asset from Silent
  • Fix a few UI functionality regressions
  • Added some handling for chat channel crashes
  • Fix deleting characters with duplicate names crashing processes
  • Rewrote how global buffs rules work- this fixes platinum buffs not working on season 0; buffs that were intended for season 0 will be manually extended to compensate

Seasons are here

Season 0, AKA "The Pre-Season", will be starting when this update goes live, it features heavily accelerated progression and a leaderboard. It will run for roughly 3 weeks or until Season 1 begins. Hope you're ready to min/max early and mid-game again, glhf!! Seasons will have their own unique rules, buffs, and starting equipment. Later on they may even feature unique mechanics, like Affixes! Currently, Season 0 features some global buffs, starting gear, a leaderboard, and a separate marketplace. When the season ends your seasonal character will be locked in; I will give out medals to those who manage to get into the top 3 normal and mastery total levels and all players will receive event tokens based on their participation in the season! In the future this will be extended to icons, titles, and cosmetics. Season 0 will specifically feature strength 20 Haste (80% reduction in action time), strength 20 Intuition (double xp), strength 11 Treasure Hunter (+33% drop chance), and strength 5 enlightnment (+5 essence), as well as 10k starting gold and heat, bronze daggers, a flimsy longbow, a driftwood staff, a bronze pickaxe, a bronze hatchet, and a novice tacklebox.

To create a seasonal character simply create a new character and select the Pre-Season as the gamemode. This character will NOT contribute to your max character or active character count, so it is essentially a free slot specifically for a seasonal character for as long as the season runs.

Wrath and War

This weapon needed some love so I added two new unique abilities to it; Wrath, which deals up to double damage based on your missing health, and War, which grants your team a short-lived enrage buff. Yes, the same enrage buff that makes enemies super strong over time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed gold being augmented sometimes
  • An absolutely massive amount of fixes and rewrites for the UI across the game. When in doubt, Ice probably fixed or rewrote it!
  • Fixed /profile cosmetics not actually saving the item

UI Things from Ice!

  • Pings got reworked and should work more as expected now

    • New whisper channels trigger a ping (unless you have them deactivated)
    • Group invites trigger a ping (unless you have them deactivated)
  • Chat links reworked

    • Loadouts can now be shared. Loadouts store slightly less info, so some minor numbers might be missing in the chat link (e.g. soulbound XP) compared to shared equipment
    • New equipment and loadout links now include the ability rotation
  • Your chat input is now stored even if the input field isn't rendered anymore. This means that you can switch away from the chat on mobile, without your input getting cleared.

  • Sidebar has a (hidden) entry point for script authors to inject their own buttons

  • Sidebar skills expose the player levels and experience


  • Ctrl+Click on a skill didn't share the skill
  • You can now soulbind legendary tools at any level. (You could do it before, the button just wasn't there.) They will still lose all their augment levels!
  • Fixed mods getting pings from the INFO tip that tells you not to ping mods. (This one is hilarious)
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in HeckYea's (Heck_Yeah? HäkYeeeha?) name
  • Chat rooms no longer switch to the bottom, when you go to the activity tab

Technical Things

Almost this entire update was on the technical side. It included a lot of retooling of how we handle game data tables (items, loot tables, etc.) as well as rewriting a bunch of legacy UI components. If everything went well you should only notice some basic improvements to gameplay functionality with faster more comprehensive fixes and features coming soon^tm in the changed setups.

What's Next

We will continue to overhaul things at a technical level, but our primary design/gameplay focus coming up next will be Season 1 and its unique mechanics. Currently the plan is to implement an Affixes system as well as look into how the food combat inventory functions and whether we want to change it.

Have fun with Season 0!