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February 27, 2024

Beta 0.19.3

Patch Note

Feature Creep^tm

update main image

Feature Creep?

There's some interesting background stuff being worked on! It's not necessarily delaying any of the mentioned work from last week (quests/achievements/talents/affixes) but it's definitely going to need some playtesting. On the topic of playtesting, soon^tm?

Bug Fixes

  • Custom name is shown on market listings
  • Fix threatprofile setting dropdown rendering spam
  • Proportional scholar experience on efficiency proc
  • Improved glove rendering
  • Fixed superheat/cool
  • Fix some loadout food loading issues
  • Misc smithing UI component improvements
  • Added default enchants to new buy orders
  • Correct buff strentgth in combat inventory
  • Fixed some whisper bugs
  • A lot of backend fixes/improvements to support upcoming content

Balance Changes

  • Increased HP from food
  • Blood Magic now drains the caster's HP on cast
  • Improved many mob's ability rotations to increase synergy with their stats
  • Infernal Strength missing health damage bonus has been shifted; it now begins at below 50% hp and gives 2% more damage per missing hp, i.e. at 25% hp you deal 50% more damage, at 10% hp you deal 80% more damage, etc.
  • New abilities from HeckYea, our latest blue name conversion: Manifest Kalanahmatti - Shard of Kalanahmatti auto attack Mauling Blow - Moss Maul auto attack Crystal Strike - Crystal Mace auto attack Coral Claw - Modified Diving Gloves auto attack Fury - Wrath and War auto attack Riptide - Razorfin auto attack Entropic Strike - Signet Ring melee attack
  • Alchemy changes:

Cheaper buff stacks so that the majority of buffs are viable to make

Quality slider replaced with a potion tier selection slider

Craft multiple potions instead of increasing quality to reduce inventory clutter

Reduced to one line of potions

Reduce buff ingredient drops

  • Cooking

Increased the number of prepared ingredients used

Lower tier food (with less ingredient types) have more quality per slider thus more buff stacks

Slowed down by half, doubled experience to maintain experience rate

  • Preparation

Faster blitzing

No more chance, replaced by level restrictions

Discontinue ladle and greater ladle

  • NGIM Gathering Crates from Dungeon completions; every dungeon now has a chance to drop up to its tier in gathering crates: Small (up to level 20ish materials), Normal (up to level 40ish materials), and Large (40+ materials). These are the unrefined basic gathering materials and they drop in relatively low quantities


  • Added scroll to chat tab when mentioned
  • Some fun new mod tools :)
  • Added an option to reset legacy named items
  • Added popup for claiming an account on refresh

February 28, 2024! Leap day tomorrow!