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October 03, 2023

Beta 0.16.0

Patch Note

Pre-Season End

update main image


  • Change Password button redirects to recover password
  • Various crash fixes
  • Some misc adjustments/tweaks
  • Fix combat needing 1 turn for mobs to appear


  • Added new error handling for some crashes that have been happening
  • Added merc caching- if you get DC'd when you reconnect they'll respawn at their last saved state
  • Rebuilt the client, should fix some missing images

When this update is live, the Pre-Season will have officially ended!

Congratulations to our Pre-Season champs (awarded based on their placement when the timer in the UI ended, not on update launch)!

Total Level:
  1. JiananPS
  2. Seasoning
  3. Leaguecaster
Mastery Level:
  1. Weiden
  2. RNJesus
  3. Sudo

The winners can find their medals on their main league characters; message me (Nick) if you'd like them on another character as well!

By default you will not receive the Event Tokens from your seasonal character automatically, you have to execute the '/convertSeasonal CHARACTER_NAME' command, where CHARACTER_NAME is whatever your pre-season character is named. Whichever character you execute this command on will receive the tokens. Currently the exchange rate for event tokens is the sum of your total level * 15 and mastery level * 30.

Your seasonal character will be deleted on conversion to tokens, though we keep all the stats backed up so the hiscore may be restored at a later date.

If you delete the character through the character delete page you will lose out on your tokens.

New Items

  • Blademaster's Shroud - Dark fort drop - Melee DPS cape with a full set of enhanced auto attacks and an AOE ability.
  • Royal Banner - Dark fort drop - Support / Tank cape with some helpful group abilities.
  • Necromancer's Set - Barrows drop - A 5 item magic dps set with its own very powerful set effect and abilities.

Balance Tweaks

  • Minimum action time for most actions decreased from 1s to 0.5s. Please don't light the server on fire!

Bug Fixes

  • Buy Order partial filling fixed
  • Marketplace listings should be deleted properly when deleting a character
  • Some fixes for unintended combat edge cases
  • Fix pings in whispers
  • Shrine refreshes at 1500 on Fridays instead of 0000, server time
  • Total mastery exp calc fixes
  • mercenaries were inadvertantly reducing their own stats

UI Things

  • If you have no icons there is now a handy "No icons unlocked yet." text displayed
  • Adjusted most instances of "Ability Rotation" to "Ability Priority" to be more accurate
  • Various fixes to Combat UI
  • Various fixes to chat UI
  • /throw message tweaks
  • Item gain/loss animation tweaks
  • Lots of various improved assets and CSS tweaks from Ice/Silent

Technical Stuff

The entire backend work for affixes is now live, though you cannot roll or find anything related to it until Season 1 launches.

Season 1 will start next week if there are no unforeseen obstacles!