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December 19, 2023

Beta 0.18.0

Patch Note

Skilling Affixes and More

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  • Actually fix the broken slider
  • Some more porting of old UI components to new standards
  • Fixed some combat splash UI bugs


  • Fix password recovery link in change password popup
  • Fixed fishing bonus being able to go negative and breaking things
  • Production haste actually hooked up to production skills
  • hooked up rewritten archaeology properly
  • Fixed critical aug allowing some items to go above their intended maximums
  • Various augmenting UI fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed some laggy sliders
  • Fixed some default search inputs
  • Farming generates essence properly
  • Fix some mastery xp related hiscore shenanigans
  • Chance to save item but degrade affix issues fixed
  • Fix some issues related to fishing instant search


  • Fix gathering not targeting the inventory to draw nature runes from
  • Fix UI haste application
  • Fix crafting input max
  • Apply crafting enchant, larger crafting item number for readability
  • Update status bar wave and difficulty in UI properly
  • Crafting multiplier length mismatch fix (prime dust)
  • Fix dwarven engineering always proccing
  • Show only one exp in affixing
  • Fix marketplace buy offer UI crash

Skilling Affixes

Gathering and production affixes arrived on season 1 and season 1 Ironman! There are about 70 new affixes to play around with from simple stat boosts to adding (or re-adding) fun new mechanics.

  • The experience gained from affixing now scales with the dust that is used.
  • Items in the affix tab are now split by rarity. This should make it a lot clearer, which item requires which dust type.
  • Fixed affix selection sometimes jumping up or down when de-/selecting affixes.
  • Added a new recipe to craft prime runic dust.
    • Should decrease mithril bar usage a bit.


  • Combat has seen a general rebalance. Most monsters are weaker to their zones intended style but are stronger against off-styles.
  • Gear has had its general off-style affinities malus floor moved up from 0.1 to 0.75, making most weapons FAR better at off-style ability casting
    • E.g. a bow could previously have a -90% melee affinity. Now it will be only -25%.
      • So you can punch with your bow now. Still not very good, but it's possible.
  • Golem Ring no longer has an overly complicated enchant. Now it simply brings your negative affinities closer to neutral by 10%
  • Defense XP formula has been redone. You now gain XP from attacking things, more from things that can defend themselves well, and gain a little more XP from defending yourself. You should expect the XP/hour to be more in-line with other combat skills.
  • Inferno, which is now available through affixes for more skills, no longer has a scaling cap. It now caps at 5 consecutive proccs independent of the strength.
  • Legendary tools can no longer be augmented past +1 when not soulbound. You can soulbind them at any level and they wont lose any existing augmentation levels.
    • They cannot be unsoulbounded. Forever together <3
  • The rarity of multiple items was changed and should be more consistent now.
  • The maximum augment of dungeons was doubled from +10 to +20.
    • Have fun getting rekt.


  • The previously introduced advanced combat item log completely replaced the old item log for all skills. The setting to enable the advanced log was removed.
  • Rewrote Social UI. Should be a lot more responsive, especially on mobile.
  • Shared equipment now displays enchantments/augments/soulbound status/...
  • Searching for an enchantment when creating a buy offer now only shows enchantments that have a word that starts with the query, not every enchantment that has the query anywhere in it's name.
  • Changing the size of chat or inventory with the drag handles is now stored per device across updates and refreshes.
  • Better visibility for the selected chat icon. You no longer need to guess if you already selected an icon or not.
  • Active high performance mode disables a lot more animations. Activate it in the settings if you're experiencing performance issues.
  • Fixed crafting and augmenting UI sometimes having problems when you need base equipment items for a recipe, but also have non-base versions in your inventory. They now reliably find the correct base items.
  • Various UI tweaks across the entire frontend. Both to improve user experience and future development.


The augmenting UI was completely rewritten. It should be a lot more intuitive to understand.

  • Items no longer have the "Move to Augmentation" button. Instead all augmentable items from your inventory are shown in the augmenting tab.
  • You can either click on them to select the quantity to move or drag the entire stack into the queue.
    • On mobile hold the item for half a second to start dragging.
    • Shift+Click also works to move exactly one item.
  • Race mode works now. For real this time.
  • Preview augmentation cost and other stats by hovering an item in the queue.
  • Failed augmentations wont always crumble to dust. Sometimes they also explode. Or do weird stuff.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to reduce the time per augmentation.


  • You can move bait to the front of your tacklebox again.
  • Some minor tweaks to ingame guides.
    • As always if you have any feedback on these, feel free to drop it on our discord. They are mostly written by the community.
  • Catching a snowball now gives the snowball to the one who catched it and not to the thrower.
  • Fixed an alchemy bug where ingredients had a higher priority for the enchantment of the pot than intended if they were at the front of the pot.
    • Now always gives the enchantment with the highest total alchemy size.
    • Yes this is an indirect nerf to alchemy :(
  • Deadliest Catch works as intended now. Apparently it wasn't.

Technical Stuff

  • Decreased data traffic between you and the server.
  • A lot of minor changes spread accross the UI to help userscripts.
  • The minimum time per action was reduced from 500ms to 250 ms.
    • There are some gathering affixes where this change is very important!

This update comes with complete rewrites of several of the skills internally to make sure they can support affixes. We have tested most scenarios for issues both locally and with playtesters but there are several hundred potential points of failure so it is inevitable that a couple may have slipped through.

~~There's so much in this update I physically cannot bring myself to listing it all. halp -Nick~~ I got you. np np -Ice

Up Next

We're planning on doing another pass of general balance to the game with the next patch as well as introducing some more content where it's lacking, such as potentially new skilling sets, or fleshing out the combat styles some more so that there's more gear parity between styles since different styles have been getting upgrades/sidegrades at different rates.

December 19th, 2023