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August 21, 2023

Beta 0.13.3

Patch Note

Inventory Tabs and More

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Inventory Tabs

Inventory Tabs are now available to help you organize your stockpile and vault. By default you will get 1 additional tab in both for a total of 4 tabs (default stockpile, tab 1 stockpile, default vault, tab 1 vault), but you can purchase Inventory Tab Tokens for 600 platinum that give an additional vault and stockpile tab. This includes an overall rewrite of the primary inventory UI, so it comes with some fun new features like quick filter buttons. I (Nick) set this up, so I will definitely need feedback on the UI/UX side of things, especially in the mobile realm. Currently this replacement UI only affect the vault/stockpile components.

Offline Progress

I believe we've finally narrowed down the issue with offline progress seemingly being stuck; the actual data we send to client is only generated on your initial session start. Since new functionality has been added to reconnect you to a previous session this data may not be updated until the server itself restarts and forces your session to shutdown. It should now be fixed since it properly fetches the updated progress data!

Character Deletion

We've added the ability for users to delete their own characters to free up slots/usernames

Return of Persistent Stat Tracking

Pre-refactor players may remember when we used to release various tracked global stats, like dungeon runs or augmentation stats, and they are finally back in the game after a very long hiatus! This first iteration in post-refactor is mostly to test the waters and ensure that there's no major changes that need to happen before we can start tracking even more stats than before.

Uncategorized Fixes

  • Some Combat Avatar elements should render properly, such as the fite gloves (MDG, Khaast), one handed gauntlets (AWS), or custom gloves (avenger gauntlets).
  • Combat emits now have a lot more information attached, mostly to aid with scripts
  • @mods is back with a popup warning to not abuse it
  • Channel list icons replaced with svg's
  • INFO messages no longer increase unread message counter
  • Pings from tags
  • Favicon never resetting to default when pinged
  • Fix some recursion issues when restarting sessions, should fix some infinite loading sequences
  • Gathering dungeon keys sometimes using the wrong skills for aug bonuses have been fixed.
  • Dael has written us a much, much better data compiler so that we can avoid any incorrect ID matches when manually setting them, when we get around to fully adopting it, that is!

As always please give a ton of thanks to our blue names as they've helped development immensely with Chikenz, Kugan, and Dael helping with new and fancy technical mathy things on the backend and Ice rewriting our super janky legacy components in the frontend! They're the best!

In others news I am planning on adding a few new things to the Platinum shop, specifically some new player commissioned cosmetics, some purchasable icons, and once the /whois profile components are rewritten more options (both paid AND free) to setup your own custom profile! This will be the immediate next step that should have some parts ready to release next week, with the next big update being designed now being the Seasons update.