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April 10, 2024

Beta 0.19.9

Patch Note

Fixes + Season Launch Checklist

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  • Go to combat screen if in combat properly
  • Fix combat tab handling
  • Fix cake day handling
  • Don't show player count for empty/inactive leagues
  • Hide buffs for dead monsters
  • Augment number color fix

Season Launch Checklist?

These are the remaining entries on our checklist, most of them are generally >70% completed and effectively playable; they are being worked on concurrently rather than sequentially, so when a few of them are completed then the rest will follow very shortly behind:

  • Finish remaining talent implementations + bug fixes - less than 10 remaining out of roughly 100
  • Enchanting / Augmenting / Researching - playable, but needs polish and content integration
  • Affix Cost Rebalance - scripted change
  • Affix UI Improvements - adding some more info to UI
  • Affix Rerolling Redux - implementing new selection system
  • Shrine Balancing
  • Quests / Achievements - design work, everything technical is implemented
  • Some other things that are mostly technical/backend related