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June 11, 2024

Beta 0.20.3

Patch Note

Iconic Icons and Buggy Bugs

update main image


  • Differentiate aug and scrap animation
  • Show talent point cost
  • Click hover buffs
  • Shift click to pause buff
  • Group leader icon

Buff Pausing

You can now pause your usage of a specific buff by selecting the buff and hitting the "Pause" button in the tooltip. To unpause do the same thing but hit the "Unpause" button. No more bad buffs for your builds!

This is disabled on Season 2 because of the Madness theme. That said, I have blacklisted specific enchantments with potential for game breaking or full stall effects from rolling in the future and if I remember I'll manually remove them from the list.


  • Dark Vault key only needs one augment to upgrade
  • Fixed ancient academy cloth image
  • Fixed aspect affinity conversion inadvertantly reducing the base damage of the style more than intended
  • Added some sanity strength caps for enchantments; affected enchantments have new "Caps at X%" appending to their descriptions. These sanity caps should be impossible to reach outside of Season 2 and keep the server from breaking since they were never designed to be exceeded.
  • Removed fishing's hardcoded 1 second limit; now limited to 333ms like everything else
  • Allow turning in non-base items for quests (gathering dungeon keys)
  • In dungeon requeue ignore aug of keys
  • Skill books now give a matching rarity dust

UI - May need to clear cache to see some of the changes

  • Disable next step button if quest is already complete
  • Added ~50 new icons for enchantments
  • Changed duplicate enchantment icons to at least make sense if it didn't get a new unique icon
  • More obvious quest completion coloring
  • New and improved icons for the donator 1k and 2k crowns
  • Fix runecrafting essence cap
  • Clear Affix button properly shown on all items with affixes
  • Fix totemic wisdom description
  • Fix fishing UI not respecting the 333ms timer
  • New mobile modal item tooltips
  • Mobile market sell page overflow fixed
  • Added new combat splashes for blunt, nature, piercing, poison, and slashing
  • Foraging loot UI now shows effect of nature, herbalist, and seed harvesting
  • Fishing UI now calculates everything it needs to display locally
  • Removed some redundant animation handling
  • Renamed Practitioner Robe Hood to just Practitioner Hood to match the rest of the hoods
  • Fixed S2 augmenting displaying an incorrect error message
  • Add arrows to number input components

New Stuff

  • Added a new lorebook
  • Wiki link got updated!

Technical Things

  • Optimizing how we handle experience and level gain
  • Optimized how we handle actions and action loops
  • Optimized some quest progress handling; should also fix multiple progress gains in one action (i.e. gathering multiple of a target resource) not stacking the progress properly


  • Moved Wrath and War up to Tier 8 from Tier 7.5. This moves it over the breakpoint to get it another enchantment slot, a higher critical damage multiplier, better strength and protection stats, and a higher bonus from augmenting.
  • Buffed Wrath and War unique abilities; better affinity scaling and higher maximum damage ranges.
  • Fishing node sizes affects node frequency