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January 24, 2024

Beta 0.18.4

Patch Note

More UI Stuff + Next Update Progress

update main image

This week is another light update focused on UI cleanup and improvements:


  • Fix some rounding errors in smithing information component
  • Show available create/activate character button properly
  • Browser back button while in-game should bring you back to character select screen


  • More precise attack speed threat in UI

Technical Stuff

We (mostly Ice) have done another pass of the codebase, focused on UI, to clean it up and get the changed code up to standard. This has resulted in about 2,100 changed lines of code, so it's inevitable that something has snuck past our testing. The changes should make it easier to find and fix any new issues as well as give us a better ability to change the code in the future when we add/fix/tweak things.

There were issues with the technical stuff above, so it's actually delayed for now.

Next Update

Work on the next major update has been in testing for the past week and some; the current iteration is mostly feature complete and now just needs balancing.