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September 20, 2023

Beta 0.15.0

Patch Note

Buy Orders / Action Queueing

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  • Crit works now btw, all crit gear is massively better than before because of a bug causing crit damage to not apply even when a crit was rolled.
  • Vastly improved the buy order UI to what it was supposed to launch with in the first place
  • Various Combat UI tweaks + fixes from Silent


  • A few bug fixes that snuck in with the emergency maintenance that launched 0.15.0 originally

Buy Orders

Buy Orders are now available! You can create a buy order by going to an item's marketplace page and clicking the "BUY ORDER" button in the top left to pull up the UI. You can then specify how many of that item you want, the most you're willing to spend per item, as well as specify a target augmentation level, enchantment, and enchantment strength. The order will attempt to buy every listing under your specified max price, starting from cheapest and oldest first.

User Defined Action Queues

You can now define a specific action queue pattern if you're an IS+ subscriber or purchase the relevant tokens. By default IS+ members can specify up to 3 different actions in a 3 hours pattern. An example could be mining for an hour, foraging for an hour, and then fishing for an hour before repeating, though the actions and their lengths are entirely up to you. It will be as if you had started this action yourself, so relevant loadouts will be loaded automatically. The queue will only check the defined pattern when an action is completed, so if you put a particularly long action in there, like a several minute long smithing action, it will not be cancelled or interrupted to force another action and it will simply move to the next defined action after completing the smithing one.

To do this, use the /useractionqueue command. Try /help useractionqueue to get the options! We will add a UI for it eventually!

You cannot be in a group when using the action queue, though mercenaries will still function like normal.

UI Things

  • Improved Combat UI styling scaling from Silent
  • Formatting /selljunk output
  • Top Icons moved to Top 3

Technical Things

  • Massively improved base item detection for augmenting/crafting, it should not properly use base items as long as they have not been customized by the player
  • Refactored the Runecrafting backend module to make it a lot easier to work with and resolve some bugs
  • Initial support for time based shop purchases (i.e. can only buy X item every Y days). The general idea is to add some wanted items in small quantities to the shop as a potential gold sink. We are vehemently opposed to dailies so this system will probably be fleshed out to be more along the lines of every week you gain X available items to buy, or something to complete (like a weekly quest), stacking up to a month or some other amount large of time to avoid any dailyscape.
  • More support for personal profile customization in backend (hiscore showcase, item showcase, title showcase); no real frontend support for it yet
  • Fixed the previous fix for wealthing things while cooking. Why are you wealthing things while cooking???
  • Adjusted reconnecting behavior; sessions will be able to pre-emptively tell if a reconnect will fail due to process mismatches and will move to fallback behavior without the built in delay. This should make reconnecting faster and more consistent (less reloading the page) when a session is rebuilt from memory.
  • Session persistent lootlog / item tracking has been implemented in the backend, superceding the existing session stat system. More support will be added to it soon^tm when it is able to replace the session stats system

There was a change to /fixinv to have it replace legacy items in stockpile with fresh copies, but that has since been determined to be a bad solve and will not be in live. Legacy collectors, rejoice!