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May 11, 2023

Beta 0.12.6

Patch Note


update main image


  • Format marketplace sell item stackSize
  • Fixed mercs using whetstones
  • Global buffs should properly appear on client now
  • Global buffs should properly apply
  • Fixed auto-attack replacing behavior
  • Fixed very forgetful characters losing track of their ability rotations
  • Fixed tooltips to include 2h weapons counting twice for sets


  • Fixed dungeons/scrolls breaking
  • Mostly backend fixes/cleanup

There's a lot in this patch, I may have missed something compiling these changelogs. Feel free to shoot us a question for clarifications or explore in-game for answers!

Mercenaries Are In!

  • Mercenaries are a new system where you can hire an NPC to use your equipment and stats to aid you in combat instead of having to always group with another player. This is intended as a convenience system for people who don't want to participate in the ever dreaded ActiveScape^tm.
  • They're at the bottom of your loadouts tab!

New Combat UI

  • Lots of improvements by IceFreez3r for our combat selection and combat adjacent systems.
  • This includes the long awaited Bestiary. Monster stats and drops are shown in detail as you unlock new entries by completing elite scroll challenges.
  • Dungeon and scroll selection has been overhauled to use the combat zone selection UI instead of an item.
  • Clicking on a loadout item in a loadout will change the loadout's image to that item


  • Improved and additional mod tools for chat moderation. Beware, rulebreakers!
  • New update listing option from Ice so you can update your existing listings instead of having to remove and re-add, QoL go brrr
  • Basic support for the face and body cosmetic slots have been added

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed total expected cooking actions
  • Location and mercenary assignments persist when re-saving loadout
  • Various fixes to displaying and fetching patch notes in-game
  • MOTD appears in all channels except Whispers
  • A ton of UI related fixes + clarifications that are too numerous to list, mostly fixed by our amazing Blue Names!

Massive Amounts of Combat Stuff because it is my (Nick) favorite child

  • Quick Shot and Swift Shot have 10s cooldowns
  • All 1.33x ability affinity mults have been increased to 1.5x
  • Empowered Bestial Dagger Speed 2.2 -> 2.1, Strength up to 42, Melee Affinity up to 1.1
  • Increased accuracy of all crossbows
  • Decreased Quick Shot min and max dmg to 0.9 from 0.95
  • Added 'Imbued Charms' which are optional magic damage/acc ammo consumables
  • Added an uncraftable tier (1.4x) of ammo only available from greater gathering chests
  • Naturalist now boosts greater chest finding in all gathering
  • Added additional items to elven gear auging costs, shouldn't be prohibitive, might be too low
  • Added support for de/buffs to ignore prolonging; this has been added to all existing debuffs
  • Implemented 'Pending Resurrection' enchantment
  • Reimplemented the 'Phoenix Flame' set bonus
  • Overheating affects both defensive and offensive stats
  • Acid Splash, Acid Wave, and Armor Rend are now available to players through skill books. They drop from enemies that use these abilities as they are themed as notes that the player takes learning from the monsters. Non-elites have 1/10k chance, Elites have 1/1k chance to drop
  • Reimplemented Resurrection Sickness
  • Mantle of Flame has 2 new abilities- 'Channel Resurrection' and 'Prepare Resurrection'
  • New combat jewelry is tradable + new level reqs
  • Taxing Enchantment Reworked, now boosts junk drops and does not reduce stats
  • Monsters now weaker vs. their special damage weaknesses (slashing/piercing/fire/ice/etc.) Monsters without special weaknesses generally have gotten some new ones.
  • Lesser Demons max hit mult reduced from 1.0 to 0.9 to make lava maze easier early on
  • Doubled effectivesness of threat modifying buffs (taunt/tank taunt/blending in)
  • Adjusted weights of threat contribution:
  • Armor threat increased
  • Attack Speed threat increased
  • Missing HP threat increased and only applies to monsters; monsters will always assume the player is max HP for this check making it effectively static
  • Implemented 8 (total of 9) new targeting methods for abilities to add more tools for design, i.e. lowest threat, highest threat, random, random excluding highest threat, lowest health, etc.
  • Diminishing damage per attack attempt on AOEs supported
  • Mercs take 10% of drops per junk roll
  • Dungeons scale twice as fast as other combat zones for difficulty
  • Max buff count from abilities supported, generally it's either 1 or 99, debuffs do not cap
  • Moved hard rotation to priority rotation; character will always attempt to cast the first off-cooldown ability. Monsters still have hard rotations, generally.
  • Added some auto-rotation functionality to create a decent priority rotation off of existing ones, can be toggled off in settings. Recommended to use this as a starting point but not to fully rely on it unless you're okay with some inefficiency.
  • Adjusted drops for Goblin Settlement/Cache, Souls drops, CW drops (mostly all nerfs here)
  • Added a new enemy- Exiled Preceptor. He appears in very high difficulty Fallen Academy waves and drops the high level mage dungeon frags. He is very strong.
  • Combat splash wheel reimplemented
  • Crystal scales no longer drop in Overgrown Woods
  • Fixed various enchantments not affecting stats as intended
  • Wild Slash base max dmg coeff down to 0.75 from 1.5
  • Execute has better melee damage scaling, faster to cast (1.2 to 1), and higher min dmg coeff (1 to 1.25), execute special handling does up to 33% more dmg starting at 50% target hp, from 15% starting at 33%
  • Slayer's Pendant given more offensive dmg aff in all styles (1.03 to 1.05). Given higher base prot/stam (1 to 4) and 4 strength. Gives 2 str per aug