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April 18, 2023

Beta 0.12.3

Patch Note

Return of INFO

update main image

Features & Changes

  • INFO is back!
  • Temporary commands for setting maximum and starting combat difficulties. New commands are /maxdifficulty [value] and /startdifficulty [value]
  • Adjustments to how combat zone UI works- added an 'Enter Combat' button and you need to click on the little info 'i' to popup the information tooltip, this fixes some mobile issues. Does not include some of the WIP features that were teased earlier with these UI changes.
  • Added two new set bonuses: Bestial Fury and Infernal Strength. Gargoyle items are part of the Infernal Strength set, and Bestial items part of the Bestial Fury set
  • Increased augmentation bonus received from Gargoyle items

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed (and probably introduced more) countless UI problems. Deleted a lot of deprecated styling, laying the groundwork for future UI improvements. This also probably results in there being new UI styling issues now, let us know if/when you find them!
  • Fixed smithing missing resource popup showing wrong amount
  • Fixed enchanted equipment always shows as enchantment strength 1 in Marketplace
  • Fixed wrong item tags on items and added new correct ones
  • Fixed an issue of players not receiving their 600 Platinum from Idlescape Plus subscription. Players who experienced this, has had their Platinum added to their account.

Next week

The focus of next week's update will still be mainly on bugs and tackling the 'larger' bugs we have. With the groundwork done for fixing UI performance and styling issues, expect to more UI improvements in the next update.

We are also working on a new interface for selecting a Combat area to fight in. Nick already gave some teasers for it in the Discord #dev-blog channel. We are currently working on the UI-side of it.